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Friday, April 14, 2006

I Heard It On The Radio

Posted by on April 14 at 15:57 PM

Larry Mizell, let the people know what time it is:

Tune into 90.3 FM for KEXP’s Audioasis this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Fellow Stranger “hiphop philosophist” Charles Mudede and I are cohosting the all-local radio show every third Saturday of the month. I know some of y’all hate the station, but tune in and hear us play the finest in local hiphop, past and present. We’re proud to join the ranks of local hiphop radio, including the good kids at Rainydawg Radio; KBCS’s weekend warriors Khazm, WD4D, and GeeTeezy; Jon Moore and DJ Hyphen over on KUBE’s Sunday Night Sessions; and of course B-Mello, Scene, Ethx, and Lace Cadence on KEXP’s Street Sounds. Don’t touch that dial, fool!

In time, my brother, in time.