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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Shit

Posted by on April 13 at 12:03 PM

(Via Raw Story) Nigeria takes state-sanctioned homophobia up a notch with this proposed law:

It would impose a five year sentence on any same-couple who marries or goes abroad to marry. It also bans same-sex couples from living together, wed or not, outlaws adoption by gays and goes so far as to make it a criminal offense to be a member of a gay club, social organization or LGBT civil rights group.

The legislation would also impose a prison term on anyone who attends a same-sex union, witnesses a union or celebrates a ceremony involving gay or lesbian couples.

The bill would include foreigners living in Nigeria - a move that has humanitarian aid organizations concerned.

This law is “likely to pass easilyā€¯ in Nigeria, according to the article (courtesy of 365 Gay News).

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One would think with the wretched political situation in Nigeria they would have more important issues to deal with.
Well I guess it's not a big leap from demonizing the tribe next door to demonizing homsexuals.

One more oil state basket case that Bush doesn't have a plan for. Nigeria's headed for full-on babies-chopping-babies-with-axes chaos soon, and it's big enough that it'll take the rest of West Africa down with it. Get out now; it's too late to save it.

The place is totally corrupt. Starving childredn and billions in oil revenue channelled in the account of the ruling class ' caste.

The attack on gays is sarting in other African nations as well.

The denial of gay sex had contributed to rising AIDS stats.

The place is a mess, headed to lethal tribal war and anarchy.

Shell Oil executives must be quite worried about this. The country is a fundamentalist stronghold, a human rights and environmental disaster. Is anyone surprised? I'm not; just saddened.

Maybe we can convince all the drolling homophobes in the US like Fred Phelps, Rick Santorum, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, etc. to move there. Someone should make up a fancy tourist brochure and convince them Nigeria is the new anti-gay homophobic holy land.

Ok wait - is this just poor writing? "The bill would include foreigners living in Nigeria - a move that has humanitarian aid organizations concerned." So it's only that foreigners living in Nigeria are included that concerns humanitarian aid organizations?! How about the whole fawking bill?

Pat Robertson probably already has oil investments there. He just loved him some Chuck Taylor of Liberia, who until recently was exiled in Nigeria. Robertson's filthy with oil, gold mining, diamond mining, and murder in the region.

Aid organizations tend not to be too judgemental about the governmental failings of the places they provide aid in. After all, if these places had good government they probably wouldn't need aid. And criticizing the government is a good way to get kicked out of these countries.

Where the aid organizations get off is when their own members are threatened, because then they can't be safe even distributing the aid. This bill makes it a crime not only to be gay but to witness a gay marriage in a completely different country -- a provision that's pretty easy to spread over just about anyone.

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