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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Posted by on April 16 at 9:09 AM

In celebration of the Resurrection, please enjoy another wonderful and ridiculous story that will grow to become part of the fabric of humanity: The Gatorade Conspiracy.

(Bonnet tip to Marti, my lovely intern.)

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This is a parable that got out of control. Made a lot of money for the church builders.

Renewal is universal. The seasons, the daily sunrise and sunset. Our own energies and thoughts. Fire and ash.

David, just take the good lessons and leave the litteral aside.

Your Baptist family ruined you.

Happy Jesus Day - and yes, we were and are.

May the Goddess bless you all with fertility and rebirth.

Actually, my family was Catholic, and I wasn't really ruined: I've still got plenty of love and respect for Jesus, and he doesn't need to be burdened with death-defying miracles to earn my affection.

But yes, renewal is nice.

i just like the easter basket of sugary death i get every year.. still .. from my mom.

Why hass thee been no mention of Jesus plus.... eggs galore - deviled eggs, egg salad, egg based ridh and tasty wonderful potatoe salad ....... pickled eggs, and just peeling and stuffing your egged face for days.

I miss the old days of giant egg hunts, egg fights, egg coloring, egg boiling.........thanks to granny, many aunties, and mother......I think I had a grand childhood.

And the hunts were serious games. Eggs put out for the hunt were counted and many were NEVER found after hours of searching.....I learned to look up, trees, drain pipes, top of fences, etc......

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