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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Go play “Jump” at top volume in her memory

Posted by on April 12 at 11:16 AM

June Pointer, the youngest of pop music’s ass-kicking Pointer Sisters, is dead at 52. (Note to neophytes: Although “Baby” June had her own run-ins with the law, and also recorded solo albums, do not confuse her with older sibling Bonnie Pointer, who made an eyebrow-raising Gay Pride appearance at The Cuff last year.)

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To wake up and find that June Pointer has passed is not an auspicious start to my day. Cancer, and only 52 years old. The Sisters were a huge part of my coming out soundscape in 1977-78. The days of the double gatefold! Steam Heat, That's a Plenty, Yes We Can Can, and of course, my very favorite, Wang Dang Doodle provided no end of delight and amusement as I navigated those first heady months of being out, having a boyfriend, and my world upside-down... Can we ever forget, or become indifferent to, the music that accompanies such intense periods of our lives? No, we can't can't...

"Note to neophytes," that's much better than "for the uninitiated," which could use a rest.

beautiful said, mark mitchell.

but, damn you kurt b. reighley for getting "jump" stuck in my head! you will pay for this.

The only way to get "Jump" out of your head is to track down a copy of Bonnie Pointer's masterpiece "Tie Me To A Tree (Handcuff Me)".

Bonnie's song "Free Me From My Freedom" (Tie Me to a Tree) is our theme song at the Bus Stop. Freddy King of Pants plays it whenever he DJ's, and there was a time when we had to hear it several times a night...

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