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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Collateral Damage

Posted by on April 13 at 15:23 PM

April 13 (Bloomberg) — American pessimism about the Iraq war has deepened and may be feeding doubts about President George W. Bush’s efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the latest Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll found.

A majority of those surveyed — 56 percent — said Iraq is now in a civil war, and just 37 percent said they believe Bush when he says a lot of progress is being made there, down from 45 percent who said they believed him in January.

Forty-eight percent said they would support military action against Iran if it continues to produce material that can be used to develop a nuclear bomb, down from 57 percent in January. Forty percent oppose military action, up from 33 percent in January.

A majority — 54 percent — said they “don’t trust” Bush to make the right decision about whether the U.S. should go to war with Iran, compared with 42 percent who said they do trust him. Forty percent said the Iraq experience had made them less supportive of military action against Iran, while 38 percent said it had no impact. The poll surveyed 1,357 American adults by telephone April 8-11 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

It’s comforting to remember that Bush will be gone within three years. It’s not so comforting to remember that he started, and has since bungled, two wars in his first three years.

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The Bushies have got their man out there making the rounds with his "they could have a bomb in 16 days" bushwa, which is true in sense that Seattle could win the Stanley Cup next year. I don't think even wingers believe the lies any more, but the White House is so isolated they may go to war again anyway.


The poll itself is a good example of media buy in to the party line. Iran is not currently producing material that could be used in a bomb. There's an "are you still beating your wife" illogic to the poll question. Iran is producing uranium enriched to 3.5%. A nuclar weapon requires 93.3% enricment. As any chemistry student can tell you, the amount of work required to purify something goes up exponentially with the purity. Iran is not even close to having the technology required for a nuclear weapon, let alone currently producing materials that could be used in one.

The other day when I was watching Frontline: Meth Something or Other, I realized just how much we have to look forward to. At one point a commentator said that the meth crisis we have today dates back to the Reagan administration's refusal to do something about the meth problem before it got out of control (sorry about the fuzzyness, it was't like I was taking notes). I thought to myself that if we are still reaping the fuck ups and inadequacies of the Reagan years, think about all the surprise fall out we have in store for us in the next 20 years from Bush's bungling!

none of this will stop me from investing half of my retirement money in Europe, knowing that Bush and his comrades will be killing my stock returns here until at least 2008.

Retired military brass saying Rumsfeld is doing a bad job. Bad bosses lose good staff, but Bush keeps him on anyways. Ominous indeed.

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