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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Beautiful Spring Day Inside

Posted by on April 22 at 19:00 PM

You probably wouldn’t expect this from a pseudo gay Stranger staffer like myself, but I spent the better part of the day inside Sport, the pre-fab sports bar at Fisher Plaza, watching the first round of the NBA playoffs. Go Washington Wizards!! Go JillBert Arenas!!

It was a great place to spend this unofficial first day of Spring. There are plasma TV screens everywhere (giant ones and small ones); tray tables that attach to comfy brown swivel chairs; and a menu the texture of a basketball with a long list of fattening appetizers, personal-size pizzas, dripping sandwiches, burgers, beer, booze, and milkshakes. (I had the SW chicken burger doused in guacamole, a tall bloody Mary, and a large cone of jo jo fries wrapped in yellow tissue paper.) I spent less than $20 to sit there for 3-and-a-half hours, lounging w/ a couple of my mellow pals.

I know the $2.2-million-on average-drain on the city budget-for the last six years-Sonics didn’t make the playoffs, but if you’re still interested in this year’s NBA post-season run off (they seem worthy for the first time in years), Sportójust across the street from Seattle Center on 4th Ave. N.óis the place to watch them.

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It was a great place to watch the trully terrific NCAA playoffs this year.

Hmm... I've never been there. I'll chiggity-check it out.

Um, the first day of spring was a month ago.

Um. Pseudo-gay? What's that? Bi? Ambi?


Hey Josh, you should have insisted on them putting on the Stanley Cup playoffs--much more exciting than the NBA.

Stupid Sonics. I really don't care whether they stay or go, but I do like the Colliseum. That is a cool building.

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