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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Balls Out

Posted by on April 12 at 10:38 AM

If you were going to let some guy cut your balls off because castration turned you on, wouldn’t you want the guy to be just a little bit hotter than Master Rick?


Here’s a little detail from the latest reports about the North Carolina castrators that’s going to give me screaming nightmares:

Officers confiscated a video camera apparently used to record the procedures, as well as scores of CDs and computer files. They also seized a Tupperware container from the kitchen freezer holding what appeared to be human testicles.

Hmm… the North Carolina Castrators? Sounds like a good name for a pro-sports team. Maybe if the Sonics move to North Carolina they could change their names to the Castrators?

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That's exactly what I expected these freaks to look like.

maybe when the duke lacrosse team comes back together next year, this guy can be their mascot?

Zing! Nice one, WF.

Pushing 65, he looks fine.

And it is a police mug shot - hardly flattering.

Bet he is a on line Stranger reader of long term.

Yeah I agree I'd totally tap that

Which? The dude, or the Tupperware container of balls? Lightly grilled with a few sprigs of rosemary, I think it could work.

FNARF - I thought you are an older white straight guy --- or is this a new interest in testicles per se?

A little coming out?

WF - as a seeker of the truth, I think you have heard DNA seems to exonearate completely the rape charges.

Or is DNA science wrong --- completely is such cases, hair, semen, skin flakes, spit, urine --- seens NADA.

Perhaps the whore is lying. Rich parents = hush money .....maybe did not work...... false police reporting is a serious crime.

Who says older white straight guys aren't interested in testicles? Especially when they're in a tub in the fridge?

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