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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Honey of an Ohhhhhh

Posted by on April 12 at 16:21 PM

“A small but highly efficient killing machine lurks in the mountains of Japan—the Japanese giant hornet. The voracious predator pumps out a dose of venom with an enzyme so strong it can dissolve human tissue. Just a handful of these hornets can kill 30,000 European honeybees within hours. Watch an attack of giant hornets on a beehive, and learn the surprising secret that Japanese honeybees use in their defense.”

With a heavy metal soundtrack.

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Guilty as charged, and thank you. For what it's worth, I'm totally squicked out by that crab thing.

I was ready to come back with seven lions taking down an elephant, but I think Giant Aggressive Hornets and Crab Armies pretty much take tops in the creepy department.

Huzzah for us. I'd call it a tie. For Now...

Agreed ... for the moment. Well played, Madam. I'd suggest getting together and tipping a 40 in joint victory, but I'm now scared to leave the goddamned house. Crabs. Crabs, everywhere.

Where did you people come up with these videos? Blech!!

I was promised a "surprising secret." What was the surprising secret? I just saw a bunch of bees getting their heads bitten off by giant hornets. If the surprising secret they use in their defense has to do with the wasps getting indigestion later from biting off too many of their heads, I have to say that's a pretty passive-aggressive strategy.

What the clip didn't show was how Japanese honeybees have adapted to the hornet attack. They just dogpile (er, beepile) on a hornet, using its own increasing body heat to eventually kill it.

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