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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Zombie Rave?

Posted by on March 25 at 13:23 PM

A Slog reader agrees with Dan that the Seattle Times probably has the location of the pre-shooting “Zombie Rave” wrong:

I read in the Seattle Times about the location of that Zombie party and thought, “Hmm, that’s funny.” Because when I was walking home past the CHAC last night around 1:45am there were tons of wierd, sketchy, dead-looking, gothy, candy-raver kids crowed in and around CHAC. I was genuinely taken aback because the kids were just completely bizarre one of them, who looked like he was all of 16, asked me where the nearest “beer store” was. Other kids were sitting on the sidewalk all looking like the Crow on Esctacy decked out in black wings and Tim Burton tights, etc. So thanks for assuring me that what I saw corresponded to what I woke up to on the radio this morning…

This Slog reader also poses a question:

CHAC is an ART venue. Why were they even hosting this creepy, cracked-out raver event?

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CHAC Underground is the basement part of the building where there is a bar and various kinds of entertainment, usually music's actually a very cool space.

"CHAC is an ART venue. Why were they even hosting this creepy, cracked-out raver event?"

CHAC is an ART venue, but they are also a RENTAL venue. while i'm sure there are some basic qualifications, they will definitely rent to third parties.

Art venues are used as rave and party venues all the time in cities everywhere. I don't get how the poster who said this could find this unusual, save for basic ignorance.

more importantly, CHAC is one of the few venues in town that will let you COMPLETELY rent the venue. If you want, you can bring in your own staff to run sound and take door. There is a bar next door to the lower level, but not connected through any open doorways, so no extra charges are incurred for staffing security for an all-ages show. If these kids needed a "beer store" seems like the security staffing at the event was being diligent.

I think the poster must have gone UPSTAIRS at CHAC to see a play and didn't realize there was a downstairs's not that apparent unless you walk by later at night to see people going down there...and since when isn't music an ART? even if it's a genre of music you don't respect?

oi. neither chac, nor the promoters, should be being held responsible for this.i hope the original poster recognizes that. this kind of shit happens in schools, post offices, and town squares in texas. it's not about a scene or a style of music, it's about someone being sick and unhinged. i really hope there isn't a crackdown on the rave/electronica scene because of this shooting.

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