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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When a Band Blows Up in the Worst Possible Manner

Posted by on March 29 at 13:09 PM

The lovely Joan Hiller over at Sub Pop records asked that I pass along this unfortunate news about their friends in Ryan McPhun & the Ruby Suns.

“New Zealand’s Ryan McPhun & the Ruby Suns are friends of Sub Pop’s, and as some of you may have heard, while on tour here in the states, their RV (along with all their vintage & new equipment, passports, clothing and one member’s insulin medication) spontaneously combusted on the freeway outside of the Tri-Cities here in Washington. The Tri-City Herald wrote a story about it. Our buddy (and part-time member of Ryan McPhun & the Ruby Suns) Gareth runs a label called Li’l Chief Records in NZ, and he has donation information on the label’s site. It would mean a lot to the bands if you could get the word out about their totally undeserved bummer mishap so that people could perhaps open their hearts and help `em out.”

I’m impressed by the humor they’re demonstrating in the face of such an expensive and depressing disaster—the picture on the Li’l Chief site is priceless. As an aside, I bet that label gets alot of grief about their name.

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Is their drummer okay?

Hi--everyone in the band got out unharmed! Aside from loss of property, all members are okay.

We who have lived in the Tri-Cities have a saying...

"You may leave, but you will always come back"

I like to think the Tri-Cities is something of a mirror dimension, where everything is reversed from anywhere else.

Take that the democrats tend to be conservative while the republicans are usually centrist to mildly liberal.

The transit system offers later service than any other system in the state with the exception of Seattle (although after 7pm it is demand-response, but until 2:30AM).

I would urge the readers to visit the Tri-Cities, and possibly move there, to counteract the white trash that seem to be piling up from various redneck outposts (Vit Plant work, I guess).

Brian Bradford
Town of White Center, WA

when i started reading this post, i assumed that the band died. i'm super glad they didn't, however, i thought Hannah was being awful glib...

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