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Friday, March 24, 2006

Welcome to Seattle VP Candidate Lloyd Bensten!

Posted by on March 24 at 8:50 AM

Hyping his program to bring Seattle into compliance with the Kyoto Protocols, Mayor Nickels will be unveiling a “Green Ribbon” study today at City Hall with the help of former U.S. VP, Al Gore.

It’s pretty cool what Nickels is doing (although, a little annoying, given that the study says we need to reduce auto usage and, um, build rapid transit… thanks, Mayor Gridlock…or do you prefer Mayor downtown super freeway option).

But bitterness aside, Nickels’s national initiative is cool…and pretty Urban Archipelago of him too: Organizing U.S. cities (over 200 already) to lower their production of green house gasses to Kyoto levels. It’s a pointed F U to President Bush.

In the battle of local egos, I guess County Exec Ron Sims has taken it as a pointed F U as well. Yesterday, apparently feeling upstaged by Nickels, Sims announced his own (vague) plan to lower harmful emissions.

Additionally, as a follow-up to Nickels’s morning presentation with Gore today, Sims will be having a brown bag lunch presentation over at the County Court House this afternoon to roll out his own study, hosted by former VP candidate Lloyd Bentsen.

At least that’s what Nickels’s people tell me. Go get ‘em, Team Sims.

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Stop whinning about the Fucked Up Monorail! They did it to themselves for christsake. The Monorail staff and Board sucked ass and fucked up. The put themselves in there own box.

I too agree that this move is cool, but Gettin Old needs to get a life, the reality is that the city/state sold out our future bus service to build a streetcar for Paul Allen, who's a billionaire, so we in Seattle are looking at massive population and traffic increases with ZERO increase in public transit.

The only transit that's getting built is for SUBURBANITES travelling to/from Seattle, while we STEW on the ROADS.

Good thing I can walk to work, and skateboard from work to the UW for seminars, so I'm laughing at you car-bound freaks.

P.S.: I own a car, I love the Viaduct, and I'm paying the monorail tax too and it wasn't even going to go near me. So stop whining. Welcome to Do Nothing Seattle!

nice use of "Urban Archipelago" as an adjective/ superlative.

fine move by nickels, but we also shouldn't kid ourselves about how big an impact it will have:

What "transit for suburbanites" is being built?

Josh, if you or someone else from The Stranger is going to Nickels' press conference today, ask him if he's going to give up his chauffeur-driven limousine

"...ask him if he's going to give up his chauffeur-driven limousine"

Yes, he does look like some walks and laying off the groceries would do him some good.


yo, i heard that. the walrus looks to be pushing trey-fitty.

I went to listen this morning, and some cool points were raised. Like the fact that the 219 US cities that signed represent 85 million people. Which is a larger population than live in 90% of the nations that signed globally. Especially significant because we're part of the something like 4% of the world's population that make 45% of the emissions.

But the best part was Denis Hayes from the Bullitt Foundation, the chair of the commission. He kicked ass, saying our drive everywhere culture is OVER, and everything is about to be very different around here. He's also mighty fine looking, in that Paul Newman kind of way. He opened the door wide open for everyone with a brain to point out that our City should be investing its money toward this future vision, not in the opposite direction. (Ahem, tunnel.)

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