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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tune in Sunday

Posted by on March 25 at 22:14 PM

Check into Slog tomorrow. We’ll have a bunch of new information. Thanks to all the people who have trusted us enough to speak about what they know.

I haven’t heard a single negative thing about the people who live in that house on East Republican. Nor have I heard anything that suggests there was anything violent about the rave. On the contrary, everybody there was very peaceful, friendly. That was the vibe. And the people who live in the home were inviting practically everyone they encountered to the after-party. They did so because they are/were friendly. Period. They probably just didn’t expect one of their guests to turn into fucking Yosemite Sam.

It’s naive to say there wasn’t ecstasy at the rave. There was. But let’s hold off on blaming this on the drug or the rave culture. Everything so far points to this being a guy who was bound to snap at any moment.

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What's interesting is the effect this is having on nightlife, tonight. I'm in Belltown and usually by this time of night on a Saturday the usual downtown noise has an overlay of screaming drunks.

It's dead quiet out there. Not much movement on 2nd Avenue.

Not sure what this means, other than an interesting observation on group behavior after a major crime like today's murders.

I really liked the word interesting, didn't I? Inter-er-fascinatng!

Komo has an account about the MySpace comments...they must have someone digging through the slog today...crazy.

I've never known use of ecstasy or marijuana to lead to a shooting rampage. If someone wants to start blaming substances, let's look at alcohol first.

KOMO coverage - breaking stuff -

Two brothers from Montana, took the live one into custody this afternoon. House had more weapons including a grenade -- fuzzy video, not cop shop released stuff.

Neighbors very surprised, nice guys, been in Seattle about 5 years.

No names - what the hell is that about 15 hours later.

Personal message to BENELUX boy .

The best time of my life - and I mean HOT sex was the year I spent in Liege and Luxembourg.

Let"s keep the secret.


Interesting ideas in all this horror.

The mystery of this, why, why in psyche babble - is not the topic - perhaps we really are child like in this city.

Six cold blooded murders. Truck loaded with weapons. Person goes to party. Leaves after some hours at house,, spray paints a code word of some sort on sidewalk and steps - three places. A la Charles Manson mirrors. Takes weapons and determindly with premedition goes back to house and kills with a savagery that rivals Al Capone and gang. As the Chief said- long time officer- execution style.

The guy did not shap. He was ready to kill. On the hunt. Very premeditated.
No names releaed 18 hours after the deed.

Why protect the killer? Waiting to tell hid mommie in Montana?

He killed in plain view, himself as well. Why the cover?

The dead or most should be easy ID, wallets, friends. What is the delay - phones still working in Seattle.

Is this a hate crime? Shotgun in name only. More like a hand cannon to kill people. I have seen them. Sawed off, hand grip. Deadly at short range. Entry wounds the size of a large hand.

Tons of ammo, ready for war. And an assualt rifle in the ready in the truck. People who do the spot snap, can't believe he just went over the edge, do no have three weapons in supply stashed in the truck ready to go with battlefied ammo supplies..

He came to the part well armed, ready to kill.

I bet the cops will take days to tell the truth. Get on the REAL story Sranger.

The cops are spoon feeding you all.

The mass murder on Capitol Hill Friday night stuns me. I am the dad of 3 wonderful Seattle teenage boys. They love live music. Sometimes, they go to shows at El Corazon and other all ages places.
I have been to quite a few "house parties" in my life. Mainly during college.
Please, please Seattle lovers of art, music, and public gatherings in general. Look around you. Is anyone freaking out? Talk to them. Be aware! Get them some help if you can't get through to them.
Seattle should be a city that can help someone who is on the verge of shooting people. Even if you're "partying"!!

"Seattle should be a city that can help " - ELLIOTT

It is. I still remember my second party. Some random person came up to me, asked if I was ok, if he could help. These events have the most supportive group of strangers you could find. :(

According to some, the victim Christopher Williamson was the one known as Deacon online.

This is fucking stupid.

The media spins this horrific act to blame the rave scene, or the party theme when what the real problem was the nutball with the personal arsenal.

Same thing happened with those grusome family murder on the East side years ago... they blamed it on the thought that the guy responsible played a Role playing game.

People don't want people to be responsible for their own actions, they want to witch hunt and blame a general idea that happened to be a coincidence.

idiots I say... they are all idiots.

I think what bothers me the most through-out the media coverage is the fact that nothing will be done in regards to gun control. Politicans will be keen to crack down on raves and that particular culture; when in fact you can find gun related violence in many sub-cultures.
People may say that the gunman had a shot gun but as the Chief of Police pointed out that the gun he had was not for hunting but for hunting people.

Music doesn't kill people, gun freaks kill people.

> Why protect the killer? Waiting to tell hid mommie in Montana?

it's out of Respect for the guy's family. would you like to be this guy's mom finding out what happened via TV media coverage instead of a personal phone call?

Hey, welcome to america. Apparently no one here can be trusted with a gun -- not the president, and not the piddledick psycho. But gun control -- nooooo. Somebody makes these guns, right? Somebody makes money off of them... why not have a shooting spree at their headquarters, for a great serving of irony and karma? Oh, wait a minute, the war, right, we need them for THAT...

Liz - you are not thinking well. There is respect and there is stupid police work.

FACT- there are two men, twins from Montana, sharing an apt. Lived in Seattle 4-5 years. Third floor apt, building evauated while it was searched yesterday by cops.

FACT- KOMO video - not from the cops - one twin killed yesterday morning, and cops took the alive brother into custody yesterday afternoon. Searched apt.

FACT- the cops are stonewalling. Over 24 hours later, plenty of time for a phone call to mom and dad - they are not telling the public what is going on.

WHY NOT? This story is being boxed by the cops. Why?
There is a crime scene, but can't be a prosecution for murder from that scene.... mayber the brother is linked in some way, more gund and a grenade seized at their apt.

Is this a hate crime? Montana militia types?

The guy killed in plain view, they know his name, where he was living, they have his twin in custody - it is getting even Stranger.

What is the deal with the wimped out media and the cops?

The acid burned puppy got as much attention as 7 dead in a premeditated slaughter.

Get on it Stranger. KOMO identified the manager and assistant manager where the twins lived, call them.

End the stonewalling by the cops - scoop the big boys..

wow, people, don't be so fucking paranoid; it's only been 27 hours or so since the murder. It's standard procedure to not release names of suspects immediately to aid the police in identifying and capturing possible accomplices. If the cops released the killers name to the media immediately and the twin brother in their apartment heard about it, he'd have time to hide their arsenal and other incriminating evidence. That's also true, to an extent, for releasing victims names. It's primarily so their families get notified before the media onslaught but not releasing the names immediately aids the cops investigating the crime to give them time to seek out and interview people. I'm not a huge cop fan, but shit, give them a break. As for the media, they've been pretty respectful of the rave community, most of them going out of their way to present the ravers side of the story and i've yet to see anything overtly negative in the mainstream local media. And though I'm not a big fan of the local TV idiots, KOMO gets props for breaking the twin brother/apartment raid story last night which the other tv channels aren't reporting, (at least KING didn't, 'cause I just watched their morning news). There is a lot more to come; just be a little patient and not so thin skinned and paranoid. Torquemada isn't on his way to your house to rip out your fingernails...

oh, and the chunky raver girl at the candlelight vigil last night around 11:10 needs to be run out of town. If you are actually mourning the dead, you really need to be aware that tv cameras are present as you sloppily stick that Hogie into your mouth. Sad to say, amidst the generally grieving crowd, there seemed to be a couple people there who treated the vigil as an opportunity to hang out and get a little cool media exposure. And props to the female reporter who seemed to sense the picture of the 'grieving' sandwich eater didn't look very appropriate in a group of mourners, stepped back in camera frame thus blocking out said snacker.

It could be that the police want to make sure WHICH twin is which first. Give them the time they need to do this right. We don't NEED to know this minute.

You have to admit, the whole twin thing is just plain bizaare; like something out of a cheezy movie. Has it been confirmed they are IDENTICAL twins? or are they fraternal?

I appreciate that The Stranger's sanity check not blaming the rave community for this tragedy.

Really, I think the only way in which raving is relativant to this nightmare is that ravers are known for their hyper-inclusivity. Hell, back when I was a raver I'd meet someone nice at a party and spent the next two days with them. It's a community known for being accepting and loving and extremely friendly. Many of us these days are taught not to talk to strangers — ravers spit on that concept. Talking to strangers is the whole point! It may be the the only mistake these ravers made was inviting the wrong party-goer to their home.

I think many aging ravers remember the moment when they realized it wasn't actually smart to be nice to everyone ... you learn to avoid certain sketchies, and it's a bitter pill to swallow. So much of the rave community is built around being accepting and tolerant. It's a hard step to take when you have to say "I'm accepting and tolerant — but not of the tweakers who've been up for three days." It breaks my heart to think that these slain kids learned that lesson the hardest possible way. The only crime these ravers committed, as far as I can tell, is being too open and kind to someone who ultimately didn't deserve it. It's tragic on so many levels.

"relativant"? Ug, I meant relevant.

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