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Monday, March 6, 2006

To The Secret Service

Posted by on March 6 at 15:59 PM

To the Secret Service of America, I have absolutely nothing to do with what my daughter said this morning while eating breakfast. You might already know about this particular incident; you might already have paid my 4-year-old daughter’s preschool a visit this afternoon. All of that’s fine with me. I understand your concern. Even I was shocked to hear her say: “Daddy, I wish President Bush would just die.” I dropped my spoon. I have never said such things in front of her (or behind her). I read fairy tales to her. I teach the teachings of Our Lord (the architect of everything that is) to her. I’m an honest father to her. So please, Secret Service, do not put me on your surveillance list. Please leave my cell phone and e-mail alone. It’s just that kids sometimes say the darnedest things after a little sugar and cereal.

A picture of my sweet daughter in a Halloween costume that clearly shows her support for our troops.

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I loved those halloween costumes.

Flavor Flav, you've done it again!

Charles, you are not a handsome man. How did you manage to produce such a gorgeous little girl?!?

see you in the hoosegow, mudede!

What kind of cereal?

firstly, i'm not in the business of looking beautiful but making beautiful things, be they organic or not. as for cereal, i think it was cocoa puffs.

Contact The Nation! No doubt they would take you seriously.

They must be waiting to round them up all at once. My 8-year old is begging to see Gitmo as well.

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