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Thursday, March 9, 2006

To the Guy at Madison Market Who Just Rang Me Up…

Posted by on March 9 at 13:48 PM

…you’re hilarious.

I was just at Madison Market buying some Scottish ale. “Having a good day? You must be,” the checker said. “Scottish ale!”

“I’m having a Belle & Sebastian party tonight.” (A little gathering I’m hosting for diehard fans only.) “Got to have Scottish beer.”

“You’re having a Belle & Sebastian party?” he said. “Is it alone?”


“Belle & Sebastian parties are usually alone,” he said.


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Its like my momma used to say to me: "every pot has a lid, Thirteenth".

I guess you found yours. :|

I bet you ten bucks that was my boy wesley. did he have a lip piercing? was he the friendliest and nicest checker you have ever had, and also seemed to scan your ale with an unusual amount of flair?

best kid ever.

you win ten bucks, ari. it was wesley.

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