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Friday, March 10, 2006

This Week on Slog

Posted by on March 10 at 14:12 PM

Saturday, March 4

Josh Feit reported that the Sonics’ tax bill is dead and heard cautious cheering.

Sunday, March 5

On Oscar night Hannah Levin was alarmed by the sight of a frail Lauren Bacall and appreciated the surrealism of Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep’s podium performance. Christopher Frizzelle offered his thoughts on the awards, including that John Travolta’s hair transplant looked weird. And Larry Mizell went nuts at the sight of Three Mafia 6 winning their golden man.

Monday, March 6

David Schmader made his readers happy when he posted a conservative Christian author’s litany of everything that was wrong with the Academy Awards. Also, Tennesee is debating a ban on (“three-dimensional”) dildos, Texas already has a ban on dildos, artificial vaginas, and other “obscene devices,” and abortion is now illegal in South Dakota.

Tuesday, March 7

Dan Savage pasted up South Dakota’s new logo, Brad Steinbacher posted a list of which websites American troops in Iraq are allowed and not allowed to view, and Erica Barnett and several Slog readers picked on the mayor’s State of the City speech.

Wednesday, March 8

Josh Feit reported that Aaron Dixon, Green Party, is planning to run against Senator Maria Cantwell, sparking talk of how to elect a more progressive senator and whether voting Green is the same as voting for McGavick. Later, Bradley Steinbacher passed on some depressing poll results, and Eli countered with a ray of hope.

Also on Wednesday, Project Runway finally ended (though not without 17 more comments). And Hannah Levin sparked a debate over Sudden Printing’s anti-expletive poster-printing policy.

Thursday, March 9

Apparently some diehard Clay Aiken fans are complaining to the FTC because the singer might be gay despite the fact that his record company markets him as though he is straight as an arrow. Dave Schmader posted their grievance letter; some people think it’s a hoax.

Jen Graves brightened an otherwise short-on-art day with a neon statement by Kelly Mark (who’s showing currently at the Henry), and our readers dished some love in The Stranger’s forums.

Friday, March 10

Eli Sanders continued to collect opinions on his “Stop the Presses” article, which ran in Thursday’s paper (see also comments here and here).

Some people think the remains of Noah’s Ark have finally turned up.

Friday is still unfolding….