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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They Call Him “The Big Unit” For a Reason

Posted by on March 29 at 10:30 AM

From the The Smoking Gun:

MARCH 27—Sure, Randy Johnson may earn $16 million annually pitching for the New York Yankees, but that hasn’t stopped the baseball star from trying to legally nickel and dime a woman with whom he had a “secret” child out of wedlock. The All-Star athlete, 42, last month filed a court petition—a copy of which you’ll find below—seeking a rebate for $750-a-month day care payments he has provided over the past eight years to the mother of the pair’s 16-year-old daughter. The child was born in September 1989, but it wasn’t until nearly nine years later that Johnson and Laurel Roszell, 46, entered into a custody/support agreement and the so-called Big Unit began making payments. In an interview, Roszell told TSG that she chose not to seek financial support until 1997 and that Johnson has met their daughter once, while she was still hospitalized following her birth. Asked if Johnson, whom she lived with early in his Major League career, has ever acknowledged their daughter, Roszell replied, “Nope. Nothing. Never.” She added that she broke up with Johnson midway through her pregnancy and that the girl was the star’s “dark little secret.”

Useless trivia: Randy Johnson and I used to go to the same hair stylist when I was a kid. We did not share the same haircut, howeverŚmine was actually worse.

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useless trivia #2: randy johnson used to call me when i was sales manager at sub pop. he is (was?) a huge soundgarden fan and a collector of records and memorabilia.

he was also very polite and nice on the telephone.

i know nothing about his big unit, other than the fact that it apparently works.

Presumably this poor woman is blind.

so brad make with one of YOUR former hair "style" pictures! POST IT!!!! c'mon! please...

She must have the worst attorney in the world......god forbid anyone here ever settles for a situation like this.

Get this kid legally declared his child - she migh get some of his money when he dies.

My gay roomates think he is the original county hunk sex machine.

I always thought he was just a star thrower.

But a fucking steroid junk he likely is.

It might make for good tabloid headlines to label Randy Johnson as some sort of deadbeat dad, but as a strictly legal matter, he could be right. Child support expenses and day care expenses aren't the same thing under the law. The Washington state appeals courts have said repeatedly that refunds are mandatory under the law if day care expenses aren't actually incurred. It works in the reverse too - if one side has day care expenses that aren't covered by whatever their plan is, pay up.

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