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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Teddy Bear Twins

Posted by on March 26 at 14:10 PM

Kyle Huff lived with his brother, Kane Huff, at the Town & Country Apartments, a middle income, 83-unit complex of buildings in north Seattle.

Regina Gray, 61, helps her husband manage the apartment complex, and told me that the Huff brothers moved into their shared two-bedroom unit about four-and-a-half years ago, after moving to Seattle from Montana. They were identical twins, Gray said, “nice, big, husky guys,” each about 6 foot 4, each around 250 pounds, both often sporting closely-trimmed beards.

“We used to call them the teddy bear twins,” Gray said. “That was my nickname for them. They were just sweet guys. They would carry up groceries for tenants. If a car broke down they would try to help.”

The Huff brothers shared a black pickup truck just like the one found at the murder scene on Capitol Hill yesterday, Gray said, and they also shared a love of hunting.

“They talked about hunting and target practice back in Montana,” she told me.

Gray never saw the brothers with guns, but said her son-in-law did see one of the Huff twins carrying a crossbow once. The son-in-law asked about it, and was told the crossbow was “just for fun.”

Gray said the brothers looked so much alike that she had trouble telling them apart, even though she chatted with them repeatedly over the past four-and-a-half years. The twins, she said, would go to Capitol Hill from time to time to hang out, and one of them (she can’t remember which) recently worked as a delivery person for Pizza Hut. She said one of them (she also can’t remember which) attended North Seattle Community College, while the other attended the Art Institute of Seattle.

Around 10 a.m. yesterday, Gray said, Seattle Police officers arrived at the Town & Country apartments and asked to be let into the Huff brothers’ unit. She told me that her husband asked the police whether the request had anything to do with the shooting on Capitol Hill, and was told by police that it did.

According to Gray, there was an extended disagreement between her husband and the police over whether a proper warrant existed for the search. Gray told me the police never did produce a warrant, but began searching the apartment anyway around 5:30 p.m. yesterday. (The police have said they had a warrant.)

A SWAT team came in, Gray said, evacuated the floor that the Huff brothers’ unit was on, and after searching their apartment emerged with ammunition and guns. Then, she said, Kane Huff came home.

“He acted like he had no idea what was going on,” Gray told me. “I don’t think he knew his brother was dead. I don’t think he knew anything at all.”

The police then took Kane Huff away for questioning.

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A Google search of the far more unique "Kane Huff" gleans that he's the twin that goes to NSCC.

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