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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Knitta You Love to Love

Posted by on March 23 at 14:41 PM

The letter just arrived in the Stranger editor in-box, from one Erika Barcott:

OMFG there’s a picture of my treesweater on the cover of The Stranger! I am about ready to DIE from being thrilled. (Is it even possible to die of thrilledness? I will let you know.)

For those who haven’t yet seen it or would value a reminder, here’s the treesweater cover:

Even better, Erika has an essay on the making of the treesweater—complete with knitting pattern information—posted on her blog here.

Erika continues:

Also, a BIG thank you to Steven Cobb for taking the picture and submitting it. His picture makes the treesweater look FANTASTIC! Thank you so much, you folks have made my YEAR!

Dear Erika: You are welcome. Thank you for the amazing treesweater.

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That photo rocks and I love the idea of such a subversive artform as knitting finally gaining acceptance in the mainstream media.

Knitta Please?

Erm, knitting IS mainstream. The funny thing is how all the punks and "stitchin' bitches" have picked it up, not the other way around.

The tree sweater is a thing of beauty, though, that's for sure. The third picture on Erika's blog is heart-rending.

You know I sit above that little tree and drink my coffee every morning. after a couple months, I started seeing people stopping and touching the little sweater. Usually little old ladies, but kids, joggers, business people. Things like this are what makes Seattle the wonderful silly city that I love. Kudos, Erika, and thanks for making things a little warmer!

I would love to visit the treesweater... where is it located?

Obviously the person who called knitting a "subversive artform" was taking the piss.

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