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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Killer

Posted by on March 26 at 20:07 PM

The Seattle Times has this photo up:


This November 2000 booking photo released by the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana shows Aaron Kyle Huff. Authorities on Sunday identified Huff as the man suspected of killing six young people at a house party before he turned the gun on himself Saturday morning.

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i know this is touched upon a bit in comments below but i would like to commend the stranger for doing a great job with this story.

the professionalism displayed by this sort of news coverage is commendable. i am particularly struck by the fact that the stranger and weekly staffers have shown a lot of respect to each other with regard to the details of this story (again, see previous comments).

and, as a longtime fan of rick anderson, i am happy to see him comment in this forum.

when i first heard about the shootings, i went to the slog first for details. thanks for not disappointing me.

and, before i get too mushy, has anyone else noticed the delicious irony in the satanic connection raised by the SPD tipline (206-233-2666)?

okay some of you in this place have family some one to count on in this world that give real fuck like parents and things like that but some of us don't all we have is eachother to this is a wakeup call it's N0W OR NEVER look at how much talent is in this town, how much of it is put to use? 90% of the people in this place are flakes. Seattle needs more real people like Jason.

Um, Mr. Gone, are you OK? You don't sound like you're doing real well. Take care of yourself.

Dear Mr. Gone,

I hope you can be with friends tonight. You sound pretty shaken up.

Dear Mr. Gone,

DM again...If you are alone tonight, I hope that you will call a friend and talk. Sometimes you need to let friends know that you are hurting. Maybe they need to talk as well. Please don't be alone with your thoughts tonight.

Mr. Gone

If you need to not be alone for a while, click on my name and send me an email. We'll get pancakes or something.

Don't try to understand all of this stuff on your own.

thanks to the commenter for saying nice things about rick (my colleague), the weekly and the stranger. the stranger has been doing a first rate job. you can quote me on that!


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