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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Capitol Hill Massacre: Psychics & Astrologers Weigh In

Posted by on March 30 at 8:50 AM

Late yesterday, The Stranger received an email from one Vera Fleischer, a German-born woman in San Francisco, and creator of the website Dragonfly Psychic. Like so many others, Fleischer is knotted up over Saturday’s massacre and the mystery of what may have been driving suicidal gunman Kyle Huff. “In the eyes of the media and police, [there’s] no apparent motive,” writes Vera on her website. “Well, the universe offered me an explanation, and I feel the need to share it.” In her email, Vera adds, “I didn’t know Kyle Huff personally or any of the victims. I just picked up this information from vibes in the ethers of the universe. You can dismiss it as speculation or psychic babble, but it’s the truth.”

To read Ms. Fleischer psychic assessment of the forces driving Kyle Huff, go here.

Ms. Fleischer also directed me to Lynn Hayes, a professional astrologer and creator of the website Astrodynamics, which bills itself as “Astrology for the reality-based community: Profiles of people in the news and daily planetary updates that help to shape our inner and outer world.” (Here’s her astrological profile of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.)

To read Ms. Fleischer’s astrological assessment of Kyle Huff’s motives, go here.

Mini-synopses: Dragonfly Psychic attributes the massacre to Kyle Huff’s loneliness and social discomfort, Astrodynamics cites Huff’s being born “with the Sun in the last degree of Virgo, just a few minutes from Libra.”

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Heres my psychic assesment of what's driving Vera Fleischer:

$$$ and/or The Crazies.

I know Vera, and it's certainly not $$$, Art. As for The Crazies? Well, I suppose it's all relative. I'll take friendly raver-psychics over psychotic serial killers any day.

Put yr psychic abilities to use and win the freaking lotto and donate the money to a cause that helps stop these kind of things from happening. ASSHOLES.

What we really need to crack down on is isolation. We have to find a way to make sure that people don't feel isolated, and that everybody has a safe and peaceful outlet for their deepest, darkest insecurities. We need to find a way to assure people that they are not alone in their insecurities and weaknesses, so that they don't end up the lone gunperson at a mass killing.

This is a great idea, but how could something so grand be accomplished?

I think it would be much better to educate people about the dangers of alcohol and drug consumption.

Now, most people will not snap into a psychotic rage when they are drunk, but some few individuals do. I posted yesterday here that some of the most horrific crimes ever committed were done when the perpetrator was in a blackout. The next day, the criminals have no memory of:

--dragging a black man around a highway who was chained to a truck;

--beheading their best friend;

--driving home and parking their car with a severed head stuck into their windshield.

The above are all true stories of people who were so drunken, so removed from reality and their consciousness, that they had absolutely no awareness of the crimes they were committing at the time of their execution.

I am ready to believe that Kyle Huff could appear in a dream to a psychic and give this message. It does make a certain amount of sense as far as explaining a psychological motive, but it doesn't make any sense as far as explaining morality or humanity.

Here is where it really gets sticky, because some people are capable of rationalizing their acts even when they are stone sober. If the toxicology reports show that Kyle had very little alcohol in his system and no drugs, we can all shiver again together, because this really is the most frightening thing of all: a cold hearted, calculating, sober psychopath without any sense of right or wrong.

But again, since both cases of violence in Kyle's past (shooting the moose and breaking someone's ribs) were alcohol related, we might be on the right track in thinking that alcohol also played a role here.

Most alcoholics would never commit homicide. But there is a huge correlation between drinking and homicide and suicide. That fact makes heavy drinkers uneasy, and I think it should. (Note: I drink, and sometimes I get drunk, so I'm not on a high horse here -- I'm just trying to get the awareness of these statistics out there in the public forum.)

Another important element we should stress in our public schooling is the academic research that proves we do not die. We are eternal, we never die, and we are all responsible for our actions. These are proven facts.

My hunch is that Kyle Huff has no time right now to speak to psychics about his psychological motives in dreams. My hunch is that Kyle Huff is in so much pain emotionally that he can barely communicate even with himself, let alone God.

Be assured that Kyle Huff is paying for this crime, because research shows that we all relive our lives in exquisite detail, and are responsible for the suffering and mayhem we cause. Every particle of pain we cause to others will be re-experienced by us in extrasensory detail. We are judged not by a cruel God, but by our own eternal spirit, who feels every scintilla of torment we inflict in this university called mortal existence, and all of its future repercussions.

The repercussions of this crime are so huge that Kyle Huff must be reeling, absolutely reeling in unimaginable pain.

But where is Kyle Huff? He may be in hell, he may be in a kind of purgatory, he may be in a sort of hospital for the extremeley ill, he may be stranded in a lonely desolate place utterly devoid God. All of these scenarios have been reported by people who have been clinically dead (though they are extremely rare).

It is difficult for suicides to cope after death, but imagine what it is like for someone who not only has committed suicide but multiple homicides.

My sense is that this psychic received an impression of his pain, and it explained, a little, what motivated the crime. But this impression is probably mostly her own, and not Kyle's.

Kyle may in fact speak to his brother or to his mother, in an attempt to explain his end. But it's highly unlikely that he would contact a stranger to explain his motives.

However, a sensitive person may receive an impression of his pain and then interpret it, as our well-meaning and insightful psychic has done here.

In any case, in addition to praying for the victims and their families, it's really important to pray for Kyle Huff. My own impression, for what it's worth, is that he is a fundamentally good soul who went wrong under the influence, as do so many fine and decent people. Although it is difficult for me to believe in a devil, or even to believe that evil is real, when alcohol enters the action, it often seems to bring with it all that the devil and evil represent.

Indeed, some near-death survivors claim that the devil is absolutely active on earth, always on watch to possess the soul of a drunken person immediately at that moment when they lapse into a functioning blackout.

Functioning blackouts. The very terms make me squirm.

Again, most people can resist extreme evil even when drunk. But being extremely drunk can also make a person capable of resisting absolutely nothing. Surely all of us can remember our own small private hells with alcohol.

Alcohol -- drugs -- the perfect justice of the afterlife -- eternal life. These things should be stressed in our society. Stressing the fact that we are eternal and responsible for ALL our actions, even the smallest, would radically alter the very nature of our brief attendance to this university known as earth.

This just in, the sun is a bright, warm globe in the mid-day sky.

In other news, psychics only tell you what you want to hear.

Yeah, nothing Vera wrote smacks of "the crazies" to me. Her "psychic" assessment is actually a perfectly reasonable psychological assessment, the type of lightweight "finding my motive" psych-work done everyday by actors. It doesn't take a psychic to guess that Kyle Huff was a lonely, angry freak. It does, however, take a psychic to pawn such speculation off as otherworldly inspiration.

Still, as Ariel says, I'll take friendly raver-psychics over psychotic serial killers any day.

Although, to clarify, Kyle Huff wasn't a serial killer, just a mass murderer.

(Worst "just" ever.)

Still, as Ariel says, I'll take friendly raver-psychics over psychotic serial killers any day.

Are those my only choices?

David thanks for the correction re: serial killers and mass murderers. You're right, of course.

Yo, Another Interpretation -
Lay off the crazy pills and spare us your mile long moronic posts. This kid was not blacked out drunk, or in a rage, he was calm, calculating and this was apparently pre-meditated. Alcohol played as big a role in this is the barometric pressure the morning of the shooting.

wasn't this his first party?

so he couldn't have been to parties, "raving"

she's full of shit.

Why the fuck even post this? The movement of celestial bodies millions of miles away has absolutely nothing to do with this psycho's insane desire to take lives.

This kid was not blacked out drunk

How do you know? Lots of people can be in a blackout and they function perfectly normally. He could have been in a blackout when he loaded his car. People drive during blackouts. They buy plane tickets during blackouts. They order dinner and attend theatrical plays in blackouts.

And lots of people murder others when in a blackout. Again, there is a strong correlation between violence -- homicide and suicide -- and alcohol consumption.

So, how can you be sure that alcohol played no part in his psyche -- when loading his trunk or gun?

The record states that Kyle had been drinking that night, and his prior run-ins with violence were both alcohol fueled.

He even blamed shooting the moose on alcohol. He lay it all at the feet of alcohol in writing. So if even Kyle Huff is willing to admit he acts crazy when drunk, why shouldn't we?

Holy crap! We've been letting people born with Sun in the last degree of Virgo just a few minutes from Libra run around loose? No wonder this happened.

Too many unknows -

We are like 2 ships passing in the night, i am the HMS Common sense and you, the SS Coo Coo for Cocopuffs. Was he also blacked out drunk when he was stalking ravers on blogs and chat rooms in the months leading up to this? You sound like someone with little to no experience with alcohol. You can't pin this one on the rum, this guy was was just plain bad, drunk or not.

Holy crap! We've been letting people born with Sun in the last degree of Virgo just a few minutes from Libra run around loose? No wonder this happened.

Not only that, he's got a TWIN BROTHER, who we can only assume shares the exact same astrological affliction.

Clearly, it's time for a zodiac-based roundup. "First, they came for the Libras..."

Speaking of Kane Huff, where is he? It was reported that he "took off" after the police released him. Did he drive back to Whitefish? If not, I'd be sorta worried about the guy. If the bond between twins is what they say it is, he's suffering just as much or more as the other survivors.

Longball -- I will ignore your ad hominem attacks and simply address your comment.

Can we be certain that Huff was actually stalking ravers? How do we know he didn't want to go to a rave to fit in, to participate, to simply try to have some fun? This idea of deliberate stalking is yet another unproven theory. Perhaps it will be proven correct, but at this point . . . who knows? (my favorite expression!)

As for my own experience with alcohol, I like to drink and often become drunk. I have also experienced blackouts, but, as far as I know, I have never committed felony crimes during them. So I am not coming from some kind of high horse. No, I love alcohol as much as the next gal (though am also aware of its devilish dangers).

I don't believe Kyle Huff was "just plain bad." Everyone says that he was kind, generous, gentle, a good person. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, even after death.

He gave us an important clue. He himself said he was capable of acting badly when he was drunk.

Anyone is capable of acting badly when they are drunk. Alcohol can make even the kindest, most gentle people I know into total strangers, people I literally cannot recognize.

If you are honest, I believe you will admit that you know normally good, decent people who become utter assholes when drunk. Everyone does.

I'm merely saying that if Kyle Huff himself admitted in writing that drinking made him crazy, and put all the blame on it, maybe we can look there as well for an important first clue. This admission on his part can only shed light on all the other characterological, social, and psychological profiling currently being proffered here and in the press.

So was he also black-out drunk when he loaded the weapons and 300 rounds into his truck hours before? Doubt it. This guy was on a mission to kill, drunk or not.

Katek -- I have pointed out that there is no way to know how long this guy was no a bender, how long he was blacked out, including whether or not he loaded his truck during a blackout.

It is common in alcoholic lore to read of people going on "sprees" that last for days in which the alcoholic loses all recollection of those days.

Yes, it's possible he loaded his truck when loaded.

Dude weighed 280 pounds. It would have taken a LOT of alcohol to sustain a 10 or 12-hour blackout.

on the coco puff train.. what if him and his twin where in this together? what if there was no kane huff?
sorry. too much dean r koontz and boones strawberry wine.

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