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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Posted by on March 29 at 13:00 PM

This guy lives in Seattle but he’s been on a long business trip (I think, I’m not sure) in Amsterdam and I check in occasionally to see what he’s been doing, Amsterdam being, as everyone knows, the best place on Earth. It’s a blog that seems mostly addressed to his friends, so it can be hard to follow, and he never spends enough time on his anecdotes as I’d like him to, but there are nice moments (the swoon-worthy sky filling with snow, a bloody haircut) and great pictures (shuttered breweries, windmills, Ben Affleck tram stop ads).

And, bonus: He’s a fan of…. Belle & Sebastian! At the bottom of his most recent post—I guess because he’s getting away from Amsterdam and coming home—he gives a nod to the If You’re Feeling Sinister song “Get Me Away from Here I’m Dying,” which incidentally Stuart Murdoch did an abbreviated, impromptu, a cappella version of at the Paramount on Saturday night, although he wouldn’t sing the line “Nobody writes them like they used to so it may as well be me” because, he said, its boastfulness embarrassed him. He skipped the line but kept on, and the audience joined in, and he must have done half the song… It was great.

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Your slobbering all over B&S is sickening. If you want to keep driving people away from their music, please continue to drool on them online and in print.

Besides that, they haven't released a decent record since they stopped copping Nick Drake's style years ago.

That's joshc, he rules! I know he's a slog reader, so I'll let him comment further if he wants to.

he and i once risked our lives to buy tickets for a kings of convenience show. josh is not only swoon-worthy, he is also very brave!

Hi! / Thanks!.

I guess I haven't really been doing a proper job of chronicling, anecdote development, etc. Mostly the entries were meant to be along the lines of postcards since I only think to write a couple times a week.

(The Belle & Sebastian song was more about a line in the song than the title.)

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