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Friday, March 17, 2006

Speaking of Democrats Bailing on Censure Resolutions

Posted by on March 17 at 11:00 AM

Earlier this month, at the Democratic precinct caucuses—the annual meetings where the Democratic Party starts to hammer out its platform precinct by precinct—several precincts in the pesky 46th District (N. Seattle) passed resolutions censuring Sen. Maria Cantwell for her vote against the Alito filibuster.

The resolutions, however, failed as they went to the next level.

That must have infuriated the dissidents in the 46th, like those who participated in the larger area-wide caucus, where a cringe-worthy Cantwell letter was read aloud. Cantwell had the nerve to obliviously state: “this year, Democrats have had the opportunity to send a clear message to George W. Bush that Washington State is not going to sit idly by while he strips away our rights by nominating anti-choice, anti-civil liberty justices to our Supreme Court.”

As I reported in in this week’s paper, some precincts refused to read Cantwell’s letter.

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Those area caucuses on 3/4 were the lowest-level precinct caucuses (they grouped multiple precincts together to make it easier for everyone). The next level (Legislative District caucuses) won't happen until 4/22.

Good piece Josh.

The question about why Gregoire ignored her base has never been answered - stupid does not describe the strategy. Weeks in Eastern Washington, never a stroll and rally down Broadway. One more farmer from Prosser was a horrible and dangerous campaign plan.

And your are right, Maria seems on the same track. Blows the mind, just who gives these candidates advice?

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