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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Since he likes public exposure…

Posted by on March 21 at 15:58 PM

…I thought I’d tell folks the story of S. Dolstad, who told Seattle police that February 27 was a “weird day.” That ain’t no lie. He spent his day on the campus of Seattle University. First stop: the Fine Arts Center, where he hung out in the women’s bathroom. A Gig Harbor woman who encountered him there told police that Dolstad grabbed her arm and asked if it was OK for him to be in there. (Answer: No!) By the time security arrived, he was gone.

Dolstad resurfaced that same afternoon — in the women’s locker room of the Student Center. This time, a woman saw him “leaning against the (bathroom) stall’s wall with his pants down and his hand on his genitals. Dolstad was not in a position to be using the toilet. (The witness) believed he was masturbating.”

That’s probably a safe bet.

The witness also told police that “Dolstad placed his finger against his lips and made the ‘shhh’ gesture.”

The woman ran out and got hold of security. Officers arrived to find a man sitting in the locker room, but he was wearing a black hat — not the red cap the masturbator was wearing. This fellow told security that the man in the red cap had vanished.

This sleight-of-hand might have worked, except that it didn’t really explain this guy’s presence in the ladies’ locker room. Plus, he had a mysterious duffel bag with him. Security asked to look inside, and that’s where they found the red cap — along with “personal lubricating jelly” and a “greasy pornographic magazine.” Mystery solved!

Dolstad blamed the drugs — he was on speed. The cops asked him whether he ever imagined he’d get away with it. “Not that I was hoping I would get caught,” he replied. “I knew I would.”

Dolstad entered guilty pleas this month to charges of indecent exposure and assault, both misdemeanors.