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Friday, March 10, 2006

Sex Advice From the Stars!

Posted by on March 10 at 10:24 AM

Specifically, the stars of Project Runway, several of whom—including sweet-n-creepy Daniel Franco and fashion-math dork Diana Eng—offer their thoughts on love and sex to the good folks at

Best in show, as always: Season One’s Jay McCarroll, who has the most entertaining case of Tourette’s syndrome this side of Sarah Silverman.


(Hat tip, as they say, to Jake.)

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every time i see an interview with jay mccarroll, the creepy inexplicable urge to force him to be my friend grows tenfold.

Daniel Franco is SOOOOO CREEPY! Even when it's just his words and he's not staring at you in his stupid/serious way.

"Just rip it!


And uh Zulema is a lesbot?

So, did they pick the least sexy people here on purpose?

Too much info, from Jay..ewww.

I usually love Jay's TMI but this registered high on the queasometer.

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