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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Say It Aint So, Yanni.

Posted by on March 8 at 13:12 PM

I say Yanni is lying through his teeth. What say you?

Acclaimed pianist Yanni is facing a domestic battery charge after he was arrested at his Florida home in the early hours of Friday. The star, whose full name is John Yanni Christopher, denies hurting his 33-year-old girlfriend Silvia Barthes during the dispute at his Manalapan house. Barthes, who is sporting a cut lip, told police officers the musician shook her, before throwing her on the bed and jumping on top of her. The 51-year-old has released a statement saying, “I want everyone to know that I am completely innocent of any allegations made with respect to the events at my home on the night of March 2. These allegations are cruel, false, without merit and baseless. At a more appropriate time and place, I hope and pray I will have an opportunity to address my fans and colleagues all over the world.”

John Yanni Christopher

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Of course the guy's innocent. He's way too much of a pussy to beat up anyone, even a girl.

Always said the hair is there to soften that wife-beater look. Just proves my point.

i'd say he's lying through his mustache.

he does kind of look like the superstar rapist in Showgirls.

Lying. The blood is kind of hard to explain if the victim won't help.

Hey, what ever happened to the Seahawk guy? I seem to remember his victim was trying to help (him).

I'm slightly embarassed to say that my parents know Yanni (went to college with him or something). From my mom: "[His sister] called to tell dad the details. The girlfriend (ex-now I believe) called the newspaper on Monday because she felt it hadn't had enough "press'. Apparently the police were there for 2 hours trying to talk her out of pressing charges as they felt it wasn't justified."

so, there's his side, or something.

I thought he was still married to Linda Evans? How does Linda feel about this? Enquiring minds want to know!

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