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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sarah Rudinoff: Genius Reconfirmed

Posted by on March 29 at 11:00 AM

Last week, I Slogged about the amazing performance being given by Stranger Genius award-winner Sarah Rudinoff in the 5th Ave’s production of Wonderful Town.

Last night, I was happy to find confirmation for my gushing in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which devotes a paragraph of its Wonderful Town review to the magic o’ Rudinoff:

Sarah Rudinoff walks away with this show. She’s perfectly cast as Ruth, the wisecracking older half of the sister duo, resigned to seeing men flock to vivacious Eileen. (Her first solo, “100 Easy Ways,” chronicles her history of alienating men by showing off her smarts.) Betty Comden and Adolph Green’s witty lyrics are a fine vehicle for Rudinoff’s comic genius. She flavors her delivery with a dash of self-mockery, holding back until the magic moment when she pulls out the stops and takes us along for a gleeful ride. Under the confident direction of Bill Berry, her instincts are dead-on: She can hardly raise an eyebrow without sending the audience into peals of laughter.

Isn’t it nice when people agree?

Fun fact I wouldn’t have known without input from musical-theater loving chums: The role now being played by Rudinoff—Ruth, the brainier, unlucky-in-love sister of the dazzling Eileen—was recently played on Broadway by Brooke Fucking Shields, who I believe wore glasses to communicate her braininess and unluckiness at love….Give me Rudinoff any day. (And look for Christopher Frizzelle’s backstage profile of Sarah Rudinoff in today’s issue of The Stranger.)