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Friday, March 31, 2006

Re: The Net Closes Around DeLay

Posted by on March 31 at 12:15 PM

According to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Republicans in Congress have taken nearly $47,000 from former DeLay aide Tony Rudy, who today pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges as part of the sprawling federal investigation into Congressional influence-peddling shenanigans.

And while it’s not a huge sum, eastside Republican Congressman Dave Reichert has taken $500 from Rudy, according to the DCCC, which now asks: Will Reichert give the money back?

Following the indictment of Tom DeLay and the guilty pleas of Jack Abramoff, most of the congressional Republicans who took the tainted campaign cash returned the money or donated the funds to charity. With Tony Rudy pleading guilty to charges related to the lobbyist fraud investigations, will Dave Reichert and his fellow Republican beneficiaries again return to sender?

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Waiting patiently for your discussion of Jim McDermott's $700,000 guilt trip: B-Dad Jim lied & Seattle complied by giving him almost 80% of the vote. What crime should he commit next to make Seattle's support unanimous? (The crime can't be taking dirty money from the Baath Party, since he already did that, & hardly gained an extra few points in 2004.)

Of this, however, we can be certain: a grateful 7th District will give him 100% of the $700,000. He won't even break a sweat sucking up at the fundraiser.

Tom Delay Sucks!

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