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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Re: More Changes on Broadway

Posted by on March 21 at 14:45 PM

Setbacks suck, Erica. Buildings that are built out to the sidewalk are a huge part of what works about urban neighborhoods like, oh, Pioneer Square and Belltown in Seattle, all of Manhattan, most of Chicago, much of San Francisco. Any plazas or courtyards on Broadway would quickly become bathrooms and bedrooms for the homeless.

I just looked at the specs that Erica has—and I don’t think they’re ugly. I don’t think the Pearl District in Portland is ugly, though, unlike Erica. The building reminds me of many, many buildings in Vancouver, BC. The only problem I have with it is that it’s just six stories and not twelve or twenty stories.

We’ll get the images scanned and post ‘em in a few minutes. Before anyone concludes that the building going up on Broadway is ugly it might be nice if you actually saw it.

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I've seen it, it's ugly. I don't necessarily think the Pearl District is ugly at all, but it's a shame that we're putting up buildings that look like office towers. They should look interesting and should blend (more than just superficially.. but yeah, thx for the brick) with the older structures around them.

And.. seriously, Dan? Architectually, Vancouver is one of the ugliest cities in North America.

I think Vancouver is beautiful—also walkable, mass transitable, and have-a-drink-while-watch-strippersable.

Vancouver has great transit and I am all about a livable downtown. I love that ugly fucking city with everything I've got (also you forgot to mention the gorgeous topography like noplace on earth).

It's largely walkable but you know when it's not? In the areas where there was blocks and blocks of development in the eighties. Massive, uninteresting metal buildings right up next to the street with nothing but expensive, big shops on the street. Nothing changes, and it's as boring as walking past suburban garage door after garage door. But with more traffic.

Oh, and I love drinking and watching strippers. That part is almost as cool as the mountains next to the ocean.

I love Vancouver, used to live there.

But they have way more transit than we do and they're not afraid to ignore the NIMBY big devs and say You Must Have Transit.

Are you posting the building online?

Vancouver is a much nicer city to walk around than Seattle for the most part, but they're not perfect. The horrible glass towers in acres of plaza all along the waterfront, along Coal Harbour on the north side of the West End, along Cordova, Hastings, and Pender Street, are truly awful. Of course, they're a model for the kind of development the tear-down-the-viaduct crowd is clamoring for.

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