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Monday, March 6, 2006

Re: Drop that Dildo!

Posted by on March 6 at 12:44 PM

Lawmakers in Tennessee aren’t exactly blazing new ground in proposing a ban on dildos and other sex toys. Texas has a longstanding ban on “obscene devices,” including dildos, vibrators, and artificial vaginas, “designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs” - the exact language in the proposed Tennessee statute. (Owning more than six, meanwhile, implies an intent to “promote”a Class A misdemeanor) The result, as I reported in the Austin Chronicle in 2000, has been a proliferation of “anatomically correct condom education models.” In other words, dildos may be illegal… but a dildo by any other name is educational.

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Shouldnt dildos bo legal for men then? The anus isnt technically used for breeding, so isnt "Genetalia".

Its thier hands that need to be cut off.

Oh for chissake! What next? Veils and head scarfs for women?

obviously lawmakers in Tennesee and Texas are losing out at home to their wives' new favorite toys! I predict Banana and cucumber sales are going to skyrocket.

My girlfriend and I bought a strap-on in Austin, TX, and we had to sign a sheet of paper stating that we were buying it as a novelty item and were not going to use it for sex.

Geez, I have six in my locker at my office, nevermind the collection in my nightstand. Give them time and they'll pass this law in my state, too.

Zuchinni heated in the micro - good lube-------

Summer sausage, smoothe and the right diameter, also heated - cam be quite a party with a partner after the shock, that yes, a foot or more can be inserted....... older guys are not so freaked, twinkies get big eyes and leave.

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