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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Please God, Please…

Posted by on March 8 at 11:37 AM

…let them be straight.

Authorities have arrested three college students in connection with a spate of fires that damaged or destroyed 10 Baptist churches in Alabama, investigators said on Wednesday.

Prosecutors identified the suspects as Ben Moseley and Russell Debusk, 19-year-old students at Birmingham-Southern College, and Matthew Lee Cloyd, 20, who transferred last year from Birmingham-Southern to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Not that you could blame gay people for burning down Baptist churches, what with all the gay-bashing that eminates from them. But it would be,er, kind of a bad day for the gay rights movement.

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Weird conclusion to jump to? What are the chances they are gay?

Yes please, and not merely straight, but also something else that's really messed up, like Nazis or something.

It's always nice to be able to say -- how come all the church burning Nazi pedophile rapists are always straight?

Amazing how hard it is to live down even one homicidal cannibal in the ranks.

Sniggles, he's referring to an incident in which, I think it was Chris Matthews, suggested the culprits were angry fags.

David-- whuh? Seriously? That's incredibly awful! Well, fingers crossed...

Is pyromania more prevalent among gays than hets? The trio admitted that they set the fire as a 'joke' and because they enjoy setting and watching fires.

Statistically speaking, it is most likely that they're heterosexual. Not only do hets outnumber homos, overall, gays are disproportionally underrepresented in all areas of crime. Besides, these particular pyros are college students in ALABAMA. Though I'm sure there are thriving gay communities throughout Alabama, it seems unlikely that these three are a part of it.

"Acquaintances said DeBusk and Moseley were both amateur actors who were known as pranksters and dreamed of becoming stars. They performed in campus plays and appeared in a documentary film."

Well, it could have been worse - they could have been aspiring dancers.

You can see the video of Matthews interviewing an ATF agent here:

This is what he said:

MATTHEWS: Is there anything in the papers down there where a Baptist church has taken a position on some social issue, gay marriage, something that's hot, where that would have aroused somebody?

ATF AGENT CAVANAUGH: I haven't seen that Chris, but it's very viable because we had an arson at a Unitarian church in rural Virginia, back in the summer, and it was right after the church at a national level had embraced gay members. There was an attack on this church in Staunton, Virginia, so things like that can happen.

MATTHEWS: That's why I'm thinking like that because the more liberal churches would drive some people on the right crazy and maybe a more liberal person, who's gay for example, would feel that they've been terrorized by the beliefs of another church too. We don't know.

So, an attack by a right-winger on a church because of its perceived liberality makes Matthews think that it's probably a homo attacking a right-wing church?

That doesn't make any sense at all, in so many ways. That's even assholish by Matthews's standards. What an unflushed toilet he is.

A couple of them have their mugshots on Yahoo news. They don't look gay! ;-P

Two of them are theatre majors.

Thier Het status is on shaky ground.

But they werent dancers so I give em a 50-50 chance.

One of the kids looks like he might be wearing a black turtleneck. I bet they find bottled water in his room.

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