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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Overheard on the John Carlson Show

Posted by on March 21 at 16:37 PM

A Democratic operative just called me to report that on today’s John Carlson show, Republican Senator John McCain, in Seattle for a fundraiser, described the race for the 8th Congressional District between Democrat Darcy Burner and Republican Congressman Dave Reichert as “a close one to watch.”

Guess McCain hasn’t been getting all those recent press releases casting Reichert as a formidable incumbent.

UPDATE: And that fundraiser McCain’s in town for… It’s to benefit Republican Mike McGavick, who’s trying to unseat Washington’s junior senator, Maria Cantwell. You can watch McCain’s seech for the $250-a-plate McGavick fundraiser via a live webcast that begins at 7:15, here. By the way, the closer you want to get to the visiting Senator at the event, the more it will cost you: It’s $250 for the meal, but $1,000 for the VIP reception at 6, and $4,200 to have your picture taken with campaign finance reform guru McCain.

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I ponied up the $250 and went. If you really wanted to, you could have just walked up to McCain and talked to him during dinner, as some people did.

This sort of tiered fundraising is very normal, also. (And in case anyone was wondering, $4200 is the maximum donation anyone can give for the entire year to a single candidate.)

It was a good event, for both McCain and McGavick. I think McGavick is a very strong candidate, and will beat Cantwell in November. But people said I was crazy when I said Rossi would win, six months before the election ... so what do I know? :-)

The entire speech given by Mike and senator John McCain was available live on webcast. You could watch it in your home for free. It is available on demand now for free as well.

Yeah, Pudge, we Washingtonians will be lining up in the streets to give Bush another rubber stamp in the senate. I can see how that is going to go over bigtime with our voters.

D Huygens: and I'm sure you thought Rossi had no chance, too, so what good is your perspective?

The point is that by all indications McGavick would *not* be a rubber stamp for Bush, any more than McCain is.

Um... Pudge... Rossi lost. So yeah... what do you know?

Goldy: he was certified the winner. You really want to quibble over the accuracy of my prediction?

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