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Friday, March 17, 2006

One Way or Another

Posted by on March 17 at 11:19 AM

Let’s consider this image for a new movie called Slither.
If that leg was a male leg, then those penis-looking creatures would be going only one way: into the tub. But seeing that it is a female leg, the creatures can either be entering the tub or leaving it.

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Is Sam Jackson in this one too?

i thought they were chili peppers ...

uh let's NOT consider this image for a movie called Slither

You can see the trailer if you IMDB it. You'll also find that the chick from the Office is in it, as is Rob Zombie.

I think they're supposed to be slugs of some scary flesh-eating variety. But yeah, they do like chili peppers with the green tops cut off. Yay for low budget!

eewwwww! Which I guess is the desired response.

Nathan Fillion and Michael "Don't call me Henry" Rooker are in it too.

"That chick from the Office" is Jenna Fischer, who is hott, hott, HOTT, but I don't understand why she's doing crap like this. I mean, her hairstyle in the Office is a hoot, but underneath it lies a purring tiger...rrrrr. Not a leech magnet. Bleagh.

I agree they look like chili peppers, but it looks like they've been roasted and peeled. Yum!

She's doing crap like this because she's married to the director.

I agree that she's hot. I put her and Rob Zombie in as a contrast...just shows the range of folks doing this movie.

Married to the director? I hate it when my idols are borken. That's not a misspleling.

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