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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

“Oh, yeah, you spent it on the war.”

Posted by on March 21 at 15:57 PM

Tomorrow’s edition of The Stranger has a news piece by Eli Sanders on Sen. Maria Cantwell’s shaky appearance at Garfield High last saturday; shaky because, as Eli slogged this weekend, the event, intended as a campaign pep rally with full-on support from Democratic superstar Sen. Barack Obama, got momentarily hijacked by antiwar demonstrators. The interruption highlighted the fact that Cantwell’s got trouble with the ever-important (antiwar) Seattle base.

Witness the importance of Seattle: In Gregoire’s underwhelming showing in 2004, 75,135 King County voters who voted for John Kerry did not vote for Gregoire after she famously took the liberal base for granted by playing to moderates. This is something for Cantwell to consider—given that she only won in 2000 by 2,200 votes.

For a harsh account of Cantwell’s appearance at Garfield you only have to go as far as Seattle’s 36th Distrtict Democrats (Democrats!) web site where’ll you’ll find this write up:

Cantwell vs. Garfield PTSA (0.00 / 0) The Cantwell staff and several of the volunteers they had “trained” attempted several times to shut down our Garfield PTSA table in the Garfield gym during this event, because we were handing out material on our well established positions on the war and military recruiting in school. They also confiscated our material from people in the crowd.

An amazing show of jack-boot force from the junior senator.

By the way, Maria, that was OUR school you were in, that was OUR principal sitting next to you on the stage, and it was OUR hospitality. Sorry you had to bring your own sound system—Garfield’s is so bad you can hardly hear anything. Yeah, we know, but where’s the money to replace it? Oh, yeah, you spent it on the war.

If you wanted a nice clean event with compliant little Bush-like constituents, take your next event to Mercer Island.

by: Hagopian36th @ March 20, 2006 at 15:15:38 PST
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Comments like "jack-boot" are really going to turn the tide for the lefties. They worked really great for George Bush Sr. in 1992, remember? If the folks in the 36th think that everyone to the right of them -- i.e., everyone in America -- is a jack-boot thug, they might as well move to Antarctica immediately.

I wouldn't be suprised that the shaggy-faced miscreants who jumped up with their signs would feel "jack-booted" when disrupting a town hall on education.

Then again, trying to have a conversation with these people is impossible. It's like selling Ms. Hagopian a box of 'crazy'... she's all stocked up.

"Witness the importance of Seattle: In Gregoire’s underwhelming showing in 2004, 75,135 King County voters who voted for John Kerry did not vote for Gregoire..."

While Gregoire was a weak candidate, the logic here is faulty. This vote discrepancy is irrelevant.

Most voters in 2004, especially in Seattle, casted a vote only to vote for John Kerry, to try and oust Bush. Many voters didn't give a rat's ass about any other race.

It's that, and not any sort of indictment of the Grinch, that caused the 75,000 vote discrepancy. Gregoire didn't get those votes not so much because of her incapability as it was the apathy of most voters towards every other race outside of the presidency.

Josh, you might want to consider the fact that "Hagopian36th" is almost certainly Amy Hagopian, a former Seattle school board member who has endorsed Aaron Dixon's Green Party candidacy for the Senate. That's context your readers deserve to have.

Hagopian and her fellow Dixon supporters attended the event not to trumpet the virtues of Garfield and its PTSA, but to try to embarrass Maria Cantwell. So her parochial rantings about Maria's crew being poor guests ring hollow. Hagopian was being a poor host.

In my opinion, Hagopian's use of the phrase "jack-booted" to describe Cantwell volunteers - clearly meant to bring memories of the Nazi regime to the surface - is reprehensible, and she should apologize.

I hope tomorrow's "news piece" will at least mention Cantwell's overwhelmingly positive reception by the other 2,000 attendees.

Strange True Fact: Dispruptors can disrupt things ... just not very much, especially with an enthusiastic crowd weighing in against them.

By Eli's standard, we can already project a winner in the 2008 presidential contest: it's gonna be LaRouche's year.

Oh for God's sake! Would that the whole world had such abuse as those of us groaning under the tyranny of Maria Cantwell. Cry me a river, whydoncha?

Let the uber lefties vote for whomever they want in the primary- once Maria wins that race, what are they gonna do- vote Republican?! This continual, useless fit-throwing is getting old.

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