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Monday, March 27, 2006

New Piece Up—Inside the House

Posted by on March 27 at 18:23 PM

Thomas Francis and Megan Seling—who have both been reporting the hell out of this story since it broke Saturday morning—have a new piece up. It takes you inside the house on the morning of the shooting. You can read it by clicking here.

At about 3:30 Saturday morning, as the rave at Capitol Hill Arts Center (CHAC) was winding down, the young people who lived at 2112 East Republican Street scanned the dance floor for people they could invite to their afterparty. They made a habit of welcoming strangers—it’s how they had all met one another in the first place. They had almost finished with the invitations when Jeremy Martin, 26, spotted a hulking, solitary figure.

“Go ask him,” Jeremy said to his best friend, Anthony Moulton.

Another person who lived at the home, 24-year-old Jesiah Martin (no relation to Jeremy), remembers having seen the man that night—conspicuous not just for his 6’5” 280-pound frame but for the fact that he wasn’t dressed up or dancing. “He was by himself mostly, fly on the wall style,” said Jesiah.

Anthony, who is disarmingly goofy in the way of most in their group, approached the man and said, “Do you know the difference between Scotch and beer?” Most at the party were drinking beer, but Anthony handed the man a flask full of Macallan. The man took a swig and grimaced. But he liked it. He even smiled, leading Anthony to say, “Hey, what are you doing after this? We have half a keg at our place…”

And that is how Kyle Huff came to visit the house on East Republican Street.

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This is the worst article I've read in a long, long time. And the best. You should get a Pulitzer for it. Great writing. It made me physically ill to read it.

Somehow I managed to go this whole weekend without crying... and this article, somehow, brought that to an end.

thank you.

outstanding work. i think the kids that talked to them will be proud of the piece.

after reading that, i dont want to hear another recounting of the ordeal. there is no point.

Incredible job. Perfectly written. Nothing more to say about that.

Wow. I've been scraping the the stranger's website for answers just to know. And now I do. Thank you, and good god.

outstanding article. Thank you. I won't read it again.

I had freaky nightmares about this story last night. I'll undoubtedly have them again now that I know the truth.

I cant help but wonder if the shared bowl actually helped save lives, seeing as the guy was so out of it that he missed people on and behind couches...

My head has been a mess of speculation, confusion, and morbid fascination since the shooting. This article cut through all of that and finally just let me feel sad. Thank you for your sensitive handling of this horrible thing.

I applaud The Stranger staff (Megan, Tom and Dan) for an outstanding job.
The article is informative and frightening.
Keep up the good work.

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