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Friday, March 31, 2006

MySpace’s Spring Cleaning

Posted by on March 31 at 18:53 PM

200,000 “objectionableā€¯ MySpace profiles have been sucked into cyber oblivion. Read about it here.

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I thought ALL myspace profiles were objectionable. I just checked, and they're still there.

i know this is unrelated, but i tried to send a donation to the paypal account the stranger named for the capitol hill shooting victims ( and paypal doesn't seem to think there's an account. not to interrupt normal posting, but if someone knows how to rectify this it would be greatly appreciated

This is likely only the beginning of the cleanup of MySpace. This should come as no surprise after Rupert Murdoch bought it last year. It is only a matter of time before gay MySpacers become "objectionable" and all get booted off.

TRYING: It's simply (no "address")

Why so vague on what profiles were taken down and why?

have you clicked on "search" in myspace and entered the word, "diaper"?

Why so vague on what profiles were taken down and why?

To make it seem more sinister and insidious?

I just came up with a great slogan for myspace.

"Myspace: slightly less pathetic than Livejournal."

What percentage of MySpace users are under the age of 16? I'm guessing about 50%. Does that make Murdoch the biggest kiddie porn magnate on earth?

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