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Friday, March 24, 2006

My Honey

Posted by on March 24 at 17:24 PM

After nine years of working the Pike/Pine corridor on Cap Hill, I felt like I was running out of lunch options. I’d eaten everything a million times and nothing sounded good. Then I remembered the good ol’ Honey Hole. I got the Dirt Burger (the best meatless patty sandwich ever) and a cup of the salmon chowder. I can still taste it and I’m in heaven. Other faves include the Waverider (turkey and pesto) and the Corleone (aka reuben). Plus they also serve alcohol.

Honey Hole, why did I ever forsake you…?

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The staff are also HOTT as HELL and the owner is SUPER nice. It can get a little too crowded at night though...

Love the Dirt Burger. Plus, their fries are amazingly good.

The funny thing? They are probably the only place in Seattle where you cannot get a cup of coffee. Somehow, I think that might be a good thing.

He gave me a bite. It was delicious. Thank you Dan Paulus.

I was going to dedicate a whole month of my imaginary column ("Sandwiches I Have Loved," by Sean Nelson) to my favorite Honey Hole items. In order: the Gooch, the Luke Duke, the Wave Rider, and the BLT to Satisfy.

Honey Hole 4 ever.

Honey Hole has FANTASTIC food, but don't go there if you're in a hurry during lunch. The wait can eat up half your lunch break.

honey hole sandwiches do indeed cold rock the party but, you gotta admit, that is a filthy and obscene name for an eating establishment.

it sure would be a good name for a bear bar, though.

wow, the menu looks great and they areopen until 2am. may be worth the drive from greenwood!

I used to work at Toys in Babeland and while Honey Hole was being built, we had a fucking field day with the inter-office jokes (it was even more entertaining than the avalanche of calls we'd get from parents around the holidays asking if TIB carried "Tickle-Me-Elmo"). Our dirty minds were off-base, however. According to the (very nice and red-faced) proprietors, the name is a reference to a particularly fruitful fishing spot in Alaska.

And personally, that Texas Tease sandwich is the one for me. Their club sandwiches are excellent as well.

what streets is it on?

i second the "avoid lunch hour" comment. in addition to being slow, it's also a sprawling wall-to-wall morass of hipsters. that many hipsters, i just can't handle all at once.

please note: if you are a hipster, i don't mind that. it's the aggregation of hipsters that troubles me.

703 E. Pike St.

Call ahead and your sandwich will be waiting.

A "honey hole" is a sweet spot in fishing vernacular. Minds in the gutter...

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