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Friday, March 17, 2006

Dave Meinert on Darcy Burner

Posted by on March 17 at 11:35 AM

Down in the forums, political gadfly Dave Meinert is raising a stink over my profile of Darcy Burner because, he says, it doesn’t contain enough information about where she stands on the issues.

And in an email to me, Meinert puts it this way:

I honestly hadn’t heard of Burner until I read the Stranger today. And even after I did, I might know enough to date her but not near enough to vote for her, and definitely not enough to actively support her.

Let’s unpack that, Dave: You say you didn’t even know about Burner until you read my piece. Well, why do you think we ran the piece? It’s nine months before the election, and a lot of people who should know about Burner (like you) don’t. Her race could help determine whether the Democrats take back Congress, but because it’s happening on the eastside it’s not getting as much attention as it otherwise might from the Seattle political scene, and we wanted to change that. Looks like we have in your case.

The piece is about 3,500 words long, and it sounds like you’d want all of those words to have been spent on an exegesis of her political statements so far. But Dave, it’s nine months before the election. People (like you) don’t even know she exists. The article does go into some of the problems with Burner’s opponent, Congressman Dave Reichert, and it does go into Burner’s political beliefs, but we also wanted to let people know who Burner is as a person, because while that might not matter to obsessed political types like you, it’s important to a lot of voters. In fact, this “sense of the candidate as a person” has a lot to do with why Reichert got elected in the first place. He had virtually no political experience, but as the tough-guy sheriff who had caught the Green River Killer he had a lot of name recognition and a ton of personal appeal.

Also, Dave, it doesn’t matter if you want to vote for Burner or not. You can’t. As a resident of Seattle, you’re outside of her district. What matters is whether you’re interested in helping her win her district (by volunteering, raising money, etc.), which could help the Democrats win control of Congress, which could dramatically change your life in Seattle.

We’re going to keep covering this race, which is the only Congressional race in this state where there’s a strong chance for a Democratic “pickup,” and there will be a lot of time over the next nine months to examine where Burner and Reichert diverge on the issues. If you want a primer, click here. And if you want to join Meinert in the bitching about my piece, well, click here.

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Well said, Eli.

As you pointed out in your article, while the 8th is perceived as the eastside district (and it is), it also includes SE King and east Pierce.

Dave Ross won the eastside (and so will Burner) but he got clobbered down south.

To win this seat we need boots on the ground in Kent, Auburn, Sumner, and Puyallup.

Eli - it relly was a bit mushy. I think I said too personal previously.

I am not intersted in Gregoire's dogs or daughters for the same reasons.

Talk to your publisher about free ads for her campaign, we would all love that.

Yes, Bruner needs our help, but you have devalued Reichert too much.

He was elected as Sheriff. Voters in the county know who the sherrif is.

And your short term residence is showing if you don't get a better background about the murders.

There were community meetings, marches, vigils - massive leftist community concerns became red hot - Lesbian activist Cookie Hunt and many other power dykes of the era formed a mass movment to get some resources flowing as the deaths continued. Their theory was right on - street women coud be killed and the status quo would yawn.

Cookie, as solid a Lesbian feminist activist as ever existed in this town, liked Reichert. He respected her solid work. The Stranger did not exist then. Cookie died a few years back, but my point is he has a giant platform to stand on when it comes to the Green River murders.

I will send her my 50.00 - so should other - but Reichert is no pushover.

if he hasn't heard of Darcy Burner since before your article, he isn't politically well connected, by definition.

For the record, I never claimed to be politically well connected.

Darcy Burner did not come close to impressing me. She is Just Another Democrat Election Jobber.

She's a Dean-handpicked puppet candidate, which was made glaringly obvious by your repeated references to Dean constantly namedropping her and the obvious Burner paraphernalia being waved around at the little crab lunch the donkeys had:

"It was on the lips of most of the speakers, it was on the majority of placards waved by activists, and it was on the button that Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean wore on his lapel as he took the stage for the keynote speech: 'Darcy Burner for Congress.' In his speech, Dean dropped Burner's name more often than any other Democratic candidate running in Washington State this year."

This is an obvious, intelligence insulting selljob, and personally I'm offended that you treat this woman as a savior, let alone a qualified candidate for federal office.

And yes, I do think she should start off in City Council and try learning something about how government works before trying to change it at the Federal level, assuming she should at all.

How about just blocking the assholes from changing it in the meantime? You know, the people who want to keep Terri Shaivo alive, like Dave Reichert. The guys who think that raping prostitutes isn't that big a deal if the union says it's not a big deal, like Dave Reichert. The guys who think that preventing cervical cancer devalues human life, like the FUCKING REPUBLICANS.

Give the broad a chance, willya?

Solving the Green River murders is not a qualification for Congress any more than working for Microsoft is. If anything, it argues that Reichert should be working as a cop investigator. Send Dave back to the crime files.

"Give the broad a chance" is not a convincing argument to elect someone to Congress, Fnarf.

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