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Friday, March 10, 2006

Marginal Way Skatepark Update

Posted by on March 10 at 14:51 PM

Following the smashing, sold-out success of last week’s benefit at the Sunset, the crew behind the Marginal Way Skatepark has begun making real progress:


Thanks to Kwab at the Sunset for passing along the photo.

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god, those things are beautiful. never been on a skateboard in my life but I dig the futurist-movement land-art.

I think it's cool that a bunch of nimrods can build a great skatepark really quickly with almost no money, while the city takes years and millions of dollars to do basically nothing or less than nothing. I HAVE been on a skateboard once -- exactly once -- so I have no vested interest in saying, good on you guys.

Maybe when you're done you'd like to build a viaduct?

You know I mean "nimrod" in the nicest possible way.

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