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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kyle Huff’s Myspace Profile?

Posted by on March 29 at 16:30 PM

Whoever did this is fucking sick.

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So of course the first thing you'd want to do is give it the publicity it doesn't deserve.

Savage is the one who probably posted it so that he could come back here and condemn it.

And then say that they "broke the story" of the myspace prank first!

Everyone is encouraged to report this as inappropriate comment to Myspace customer service:

Spunk E. Pooster? Even your name is stupid... seriously...

Spunk E. Pooster? Even your name is stupid... seriously...

It's funny how you only need to hit the button once...

It's funny how you only need to hit the button once...

I have a deeply twisted sense of humor and was quite prepared to think it was hilarious. It's really very stupid.


Um, is it a concidence that all of a sudden the Slog is being inundated with dozens of 12-year-old dipshits on every thread?

Thanks for the funny link to myspace. It's pretty funny to see the dead hippies again almost as funny as the Tacoman Mall Shooting.

And funniest of all will be when The Stranger takes on Rachel Corrie! Please, please, please have the balls to go after her. Eli Sanders made a start at it with his original article. The New York Jewish community took that (dead)woman DOWN! Now it's up to Eli to lead the charge in Seattle.

I bet it was the same person who posts here as CHICAGO KID, NOT A RAVER, et cetera. That douchebag can't spell Capitol Hill, either.

Why must we subject ourselves to the pseudo-intellectual stylings of FARTZ and Gomez every other gawdamn hour? These guys are tools

It's sick that the humor isn't any better considering the possibilities...and considering The Stranger is the most likely creator of the MySpace page, one would expect better.

Perhaps The Stranger can host a Capitol Hill Murders Cartoon Contest. It'd unleash some creativity, spawn some laughs, and get a squawk out of the Capitol Hill crybabys.

I hope The Stranger has the balls to not cave into the crybabys who want to turn our town into a post murder therapy session.

Laughter is the best medicine.

The only guy who's added himself as a friend, Beau, was a friend of two of the victims in real life (a mad market employee who worked with them) - so perhaps not everyone thinks it's fucking sick? Hell, maybe it's the sort of twisted humor thing Beau thinks his friends would have laughed at.

just speculating...

Maybe Beau made it.

The site has been deleted from Myspace, hopefully in response to my and others complaints to Myspace customer service.

"Invalid Friend ID.
This user has either cancelled their membership, or their acccount has been deleted."

Well, don't get any delusions of idealism. They probably deleted it only because it was a fake account.

Not one ever said comedy had to be nice, only funny.

True, Jerry. Funny thing... someone told me once that ALL comedy ridicules or makes fun of someone or something... and I have yet to find an exception to that rule.

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