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Monday, March 27, 2006

Kyle Huff’s 2002 Washington State Driver’s License

Posted by on March 27 at 2:20 AM


The picture of Kyle Huff that’s sure to be on the front page of both local papers this morning is a Montana booking photo from six years ago. On Sunday evening a source slipped me this more recent image of Huff, who Seattle police say shot six young people dead early Saturday morning before killing himself. It’s a photocopy of Huff’s 2002 Washington State Driver’s License.

The source gave The Stranger other documents that we’re currently reviewing.

Meanwhile, if you knew Kyle or know his twin brother, Kane Huff, please send me an email:

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A wikipedia search comes up with Now linking to electronic music:

Now (1982) is the debut album by American ambient musician Steve Roach...

Or maybe he just wanted another hit of E "now"...

With all of the speculation and implications that the so-called rave was somehow to blame for the crazy person's actions, no one in the media has pointed out that the rave's location, CHAC, is a half a block from the SPD East Precinct. If the party was all that evil, why weren't the police there to stop it?

someone mentioned NOW as in apocalypse now & suggested that the graffiti read on a flat surface from above might read MON. 'MON' backwards is NOM which obviously means nintendo official magazine.

Where the ehck did you get a copy of Kyle Huff's drivers license?? Wow!

I know that the rave community has just had it's heart ripped out and I know people need to "talk it out" and vent in order to wrap their minds around what happened. So far I haven't read anything about the authorities condemning the rave community. The media, through interviews with members of the community, have portrayed it as a peaceful, inclusive and fun loving crowd. I suspect no one doubts that. Yes, drugs have been involved at times, but we all have gleaned that they weren't of the angry sort.

I hope the focus will be on why some one like this went off. It could have happened in any community. And I would also like to know how someone who had accumulated THAT MUCH weaponry and ammunition passed under the radar of Homeland Security.

And I hope the people who were affected by this tragedy seek help, be it talking it out with friends, talking to their parents, councilors or call a help line. This is a too huge a tragedy to have to deal with on your own.

It's easy to read too much into things. It could be that this guy's been brooding for some time, wondering when the moment would come when he wouldn't be willing to "play the game" anymore. It could be that something happened Friday evening that convinced the killer that "now" was the moment. Finally, he didn't have to wait for it to come anymore. I'm not saying that's what it was (who knows), but there's no use going off looking for complicated stories when you have no way to discard the simple ones. It's natural to try to find reasons, but often there simply aren't any.

If he was armed perhaps he was going to go off at the CHAC event, but didn't realize that the Police station was right there on the corner. As a kid I recall that the Son Of SAM was caught just as he was heading for a club to go on a killing spree. It has to be considered that because the event was close to a Police Precinct, that he decided to go to another location to begin his spree, and the fact that a police officer showed up so quickly didn't fit this killer's plan? With what I've read and heard on TV about the amount of weapon, and ammo he had, I believe he was going for more than he was allowed to. Absolutely frighting! It's a sad week in Seattle...

Talking point: cracking down on rave culture as a response to this shooting would be placing the blame for it on the victims.

Also: If I ever flip out and kill people, can you at least take a Sharpie to my home address when you publish my WADL? I easily envision a few scenarios where a greiving friend/relative makes the acquiantance of the current occupant of that apt. Several of those scenarios don't end so well.

Who they should be cracking down on is whack jobs from redneck America.

Redneck decides its time to murder, what should society do about it?

Probably too late, but really meaning it with gun control laws would be a start.

Will be real interesting if it comes out how this fat useless fuck got his guns.

whoa there daved. this slog is just full of people reacting, but you just *can't* blame a whole subsection of america for any of this. it's not ravers, it's not rednecks (apparently, he's from an artist community in montana, not exactly hicks). whatever caused this it was in his head, and his alone.

could the slog find out about the various memorials or things that people are doing to deal with this? something like this is bound to affect a huge number of people living on the hill, we're a little bit of an incestuous neighborhood. i'm sure there are alot of people who knew victims or people who were at the house, but not quite well enough to consider them friends or be in the loop about all the friends and family memorials. it's hard on all of us.

The media seems to be doing pretty good at focusing on the tragedy and not the music. CHAC is a wonderful place and I hope they get the chance to keep doing what they've been doing. They do a great service to the community providing a legal and safe venue for theatre and dance parties.

No matter what style of music you like, this has shocked our community. Psytrance, rock, happy hardcore, breaks, hard house, techno... in the end, we are all people that find comfort, friendship, escape, love and community through music. I just hope this makes us realize that we are more united than divided.

Now is not the time to issue blame. Now is not the time to be coping with what happened. But to do that, you have to get the facts straight:

A single person saw fit to take the lives of 8 gifted individuals(yes, I included him). Apart from himself, none of those people had ever done a shady thing in their lives--there is NOTHING that mitigates his actions.

If those people were all on drugs, drinking and dancing ALL NIGHT--what does that have to do with what this guy did to them? How does that make what he did right?

There is NOTHING to justify his actions, and for anyone to try and condemn these wonderful individuals, they should really take a look at themselves.

When YOU die, will an entire community be talking about what a loving, kind, giving, selfless, talented person you are--or will they remember you for the time that you shit all over the memory of some truly remarkable Human Beings?

Think about the legacy you leave behind, and do your best to follow in the footsteps of these fine people. THAT is the best way to honor their memory, and secure the world's memory of you.

This post has been up for over 7 hours, and only 1 person has remarked on the public disclosure of Huff's (perhaps former) address?

I appreciate that the Stranger is seriously on top of this fast-developing story, but I think this was an irresponsible decision.

Have you ever BEEN to Whitefish? It's a nice town, but it's hardly an "artist community".

I went to high school with the shooter.
I didn't know him well, but growing up in a small town like Whitefish there aren't may people that you don't know. They kind of stood out back then because they were these giant twins that roamed the halls in their trenchcoats. They were both really quiet and didn't have many friends. They just hung out together... actually I can't even remember a time when I didn't see one without the other. If anyone whould be able to give the police a motive or some insight into what happened, it would be Kane.

FYI: A google search on K huff seattle brings up the apt # and phone.

I don't mean to stereotype but has anybody thought of homophobia? Even if it's not the case it could be what was going through his head.

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