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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kitty cat gets a restraining order.

Posted by on March 30 at 14:29 PM

The lovely Alithea passed this along….

A cat named Lewis has been placed under house arrest for “terrorizing” a neighborhood. You can read the story here.

This story got Ari (of Music for America fame) and I talking… you can read our online conversation by clicking on the link below. We found ourselves to be pretty hilarious, you, however, might just think we’re idiots. Worth sharing either way.

Megan: Man, and people thought MY cat was a bully!
ari: i love how he's got a restraining order
ari: because cats can totally obey and understand laws
Megan: Yeah.
Megan: That's fucking hilarious.
ari: a good use of our judicial resources
Megan: Well, maybe they're testing it out.
Megan: If it works on this kitty, they can use it on others!
ari: yeah, totally!
Megan: And then other kitties can file restraining orders against other kitties! And they can create a whole judicial system of their own!
Megan: Kitty court!
ari: too cute
ari: judge kat kittyson, soon to courttv
Megan: Kitty defense lawyers.
Megan: In kitty powersuits.
ari: kitty ambulance chasers
Megan: YES!
Megan: And they'll have commercials on animal planet late at night.
Megan: "Have you MEOW been injured in an MEOW accident?"
ari: they would call it "Claw and Order"
Megan: And there will be elections for kitty judges!
Megan: And kitty scandals.
Megan: "He was an alley cat when he was a teenager!!"
ari: paternity tests for litters of kittens
Megan: It will lead to talk shows.
ari: the only logical outcome is a kitty maury povich
ari: Meowy Povich
Megan: Hairy Springer.
ari: Sally Jessy Calico
ari: Topic on the Hairy Springer show: "My owner
declawed me, but that doesn't make me less of a tough alleycat!"
ari: or, "I'm 30 pounds, but I'm not Garfield!"
ari: or, "I talk more shit than that cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
ari: this would be one of the slutty cats
ari: all these cats are eligible for the show, too:
Megan: Holy shit!
Megan: This is the best conversation ever!!
ari: yeah, you should probably just post this whole conversation on the slog
Megan: I probably should.

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I think you are hilarious also, but you are going to get creamed for posting this.

Hairy Springer. Ha!

“Claw and Order”


See? I'm a funny person, and the internet thinks so.

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