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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Just When You Thought You Never Wanted To Hear Another Word About The Oscars…

Posted by on March 8 at 9:41 AM

…here comes Truthdig’s fascinating Oscar-themed interview with worship-worthy know-it-all Gore Vidal.

Richest delights for fans of Vidal: Hearing the man continue his lifelong conflict with Truman Capote decades after Capote was laid to rest. Yeah, picking on dead people is unattractive (see Dr. Dre’s The Chronic), but at least Vidal does it with wit, insight, and authority.


(And if you’d rather hear Vidal hold forth on weightier topics than compulsively lying celebrities and movie awards, check out the freshly posted part two of the interview, where GV talks about “terrorism, war, and propoganda.”)