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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ITMFA is Open for Business—Order Your Buttons and Lapel Pins Now!

Posted by on March 29 at 13:33 PM

Americablog and Democratic Underground linked to my newly re-launched website—, which may be why we’ve already sold $3,000 worth of ITMFA buttons and lapel pins before the website’s relaunch was even announced in Savage Love this week. Wow! At this rate we’re going to run out!

Folks are sending in more pictures of their homemade ITMFA-wear…


…and some folks want to know why I’m not selling t-shirts. Well, I’m a pretty small operation—it’s just me and my laptop and a pile of envelopes that need to have buttons and lapel pins stuffed in them. There are, however, some nice looking ITMFA t-shirt designs floating around out there. I particularly like the t-shirts and other stuff being sold on Cafepress by that freakin’ genius at Check it out:

ITMFA schwag

Order a t-shirt through Slapnose, if you gotta have a t-shirt, or design your own—but send me a picture whatever you do! And read Savage Love this week and go to and order a lapel pin for your U.S. Rep.!

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I hope some hunk buys the boxer shorts and sends in a photo! :)

IMPP, do you mind if some hunk buys the thong, and then sends in the photo. 'cause i'm totally going to do it.

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