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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Posted by on March 23 at 15:33 PM

Last night after work Eli Sanders and I went to Madison Pub to play some video games (Monster Madness!), have a few beers, and check out the boys shooting pool. I was kicking Eli’s ass when he said, “Hey, that guy has an ITMFA T-shirt on!” I thought he was trying to distract me from the game—I was kicking his ass, you see—and refused to look up. “No, I’m totally serious,” Eli said.

And so I looked up.


Lewil read about ITMFA—which stands for “impeach the motherfucker already”—in Savage Love, and had a T-shirt made. I launched a website——a few weeks ago. The website is still, uh, under construction, but it’s coming along. I also got a simpler URL for it——this week. (A big thanks to the guy who registered that domain name after seeing ITMFA in the column and then gave it to me.)

I’ve ordered tasteful lapel pins and stark black buttons, both of which are in, and they’re going to go on sale next week. All profits will go to the ACLU. Check next week for ordering info.

When I was done kicking Eli’s ass, I bought Lewil and his friends a pitcher of beer, and I’ll do the same for anyone else I spot wearing ITMFA buttons, T-shirts, or lapel pins.

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Thank god he can't fit "I Kicked Eli's Ass at Monster Madness" on a button or lapel pin...

i just got one made by, but, alas, they screwed it up. It's pink, and says ITMDA in baby blue. It was also suppose to have a face pic of bush in baby blue on it, but they made it red for some reason. red on pink looks terrible btw. so i have to send it back and get it replaced. it was made really well though, so i recommend the website to people. just be VERY specific about what you want, because apparently the are prone to screwing things up.

ITMFA, i mean. of course.

At the massive Portland antiwar march this weekend, one of the Radical Cheerleaders sported a homemade ITMFA sticker. I tried to snap her pic for you, but I lost her and her pompoms in the crowd.

I have already ordred several ITMFA T-shirts and have given them as gifts to family and friends. They loved them. They also believe they should have ITMFA!

I like the idea of ITMFA, but the mother-fucking part of it conjures horrifying images, especially given the supposedly close relationship between Barbara Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr.

Me thinks you may regret promising to buy pitchers of beer for those you spot wearing ITMFA gear.

Neighborhoodies fucked up? You're kidding? My girlfriend tried getting me one of their things, and after four different fuckups on each order then reorder (wrong size, misspellings, zipper, more misspellings) we just gave up. I'd strongly advise against using this outfit to buy any outfit.

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