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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is the Green Party’s Candidate for U.S. Senate Even Registered to Vote?

Posted by on March 23 at 14:38 PM

Horsesass has what could be a pretty juicy scoop on Aaron Dixon, the Green Party candidate who’s running against Democratic Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell.

Apparently the man so disgusted with Cantwell and the Dems that he’s willing to pour his energies into giving voters a third choice, isn’t even an active voter himself! … And there’s no record that he’s ever been credited with voting.

I called Dixon’s campaign just now to ask whether he’s registered to vote, and in response to this simple question was told someone would have to call me back later. Doesn’t inspire much confidence in Dixon’s voting record. As Goldy at Horsesass asks:

So why the hell is he running for the US Senate?

Now I don’t want to get all high and mighty on him, but in my book, you don’t have much right to criticize the electoral process if you don’t participate. And if anybody should understand the importance of minority communities exercising their voting rights, it’s a longtime activist and former Black Panther Party leader like Aaron Dixon.

I mean, really… who the hell is Dixon to talk about “all the people fed up with the current political system” if he doesn’t vote?

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In typical Seattle fashion, the lame and the exotic get all the attention while the reasonable alternative gets ignored. It's the progressive Dem, Mark Wilson that deserves your support against Cantwell. Why no mention of him in any of your coverage?

Richard, I respect your choice in the primary, but you say he's a "progressive Dem"? Come on now! He's been a libertarian, a Green (just like Dixon). He's slammed universal healthcare while running against two liberal Dem stalwarts (Murray and Inslee)

I respect Mark, but pick a party and stick with it.

Ooh, that's funny. Sadly, being a scattershot loon who can't even register to vote won't hurt Dixon with his, uh, "base" at all.

I can't speak for the positions he's held in the past. But in the here and now he's running as a Democratic challenger and supporting 'every American's right to healthcare'. His website features two years worth of interviews and news clippings, so I invite readers to visit and judge for themselves.

I have to admit my revulsion to the Dem's lame 'pragmatism' during most of my adult life (Dukakis, Mondale, Gore - who picks these sparkless gasbags?) has occasionally led me to hope for a plain-speaking, third-party savior. But now, as the saying goes, I just want my country back . That means reforming the Dems because there's no time to start from scratch. We need a Dem majority in the house in '06 to, among other things, secure supoena powers for a proper invesitgation of the current Administration's numerous crimes against humanity and constitutional order. Cantwell though,is part of the problem. Like a Lieberman of the West she is essentially an accessory to the Bush regime's crimes.

But the correct right venue for challenging her, and by that struggle reforming the Dems, is within the existing party. If there's a better alternative than Mark Wilson, I'd like to know.

Sorry. The 'he' in the post above refernces Mark Wilson, the other Cantwell opponent. Still don't understand why The Stranger has given Dixon so much more attention than Wilson.

The reason Dixon is getting more attention from us is: He'll be on the ballot in November This makes him a news story and a subject of debate for our readers.

Bottom Line: Wilson isn't a factor in this election. Dixon is. This makes talking about Dixon more interesting.

So you guys are not covering the August primary?

Now that's fucking genius!

So you guys are not covering the August primary?

There's a primary this August?

Sorry. The primary is Sept. 19th.

I got confused because there was recent legislation that moved the WA primary from Sept. to Aug. but it doesn't go into effect until 2007.

In any case, apparently, a public election featuring a Democratic challenger to Cantwell is not important to The Stranger's readership. Not like bitching about the Green Party.

The Green Party Sucks!

In any case, apparently, a public election featuring a Democratic challenger to Cantwell is not important to The Stranger's readership. Not like bitching about the Green Party.

Fringe candidates challenge incumbents all the time and it's not a story.

Mark Wilson is just another example of the "tunnel vision left" latching on to a candidate because of their pet issue(which, of course, is the sole determining factor for whether that person is a "real progressive") and to the hell with everyone else who values issues outside of that one cause.

Health care? Social security? Tort reform? Wilson's worse than McGavick on all those issues but I guess it's too fucking bad for the rest of us because you obviously don't give a shit about anything outside your own interests.

Either that, or he's being opportunistic and telling you exactly what you want to hear to get attention.

Love her or leave her, that's certainly something you can't accuse Maria of ever doing.

TG, thanks for the link. Seriously. I'd like to know more about Mark Wilson's candidacy, which is my point in hectoring here on the blog.

Amusing that you point that out, since Stranger editor Dan Savage doesn't vote either, or at least he didn't in 2000 or 2003. According to the same article, Stranger publisher Tim Keck is not even registered to vote in Washington.

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