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Wednesday, March 8, 2006


Posted by on March 8 at 10:41 AM

And vindictive, inept, and reckless too. That’s what some prominent conservatives were saying yesterday about Bush.

(Via HuffingtonPost.)

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Any Democrat who isn't combing the archives for rapidly-disappearing photos of their R opponents shaking hands with Bush and/or Cheney is missing out on a sure thing. I think the pics of Rossi waving a Bush-Cheney sign made the slim difference for Gregoire. I hope Cantwell can find some of McGavick.

But what are they saying about Barry Bonds?

I think all the problems counting the votes made the slim difference for Gregoire.

Is this really a group of people the Dems want to be getting into bed wiht? People who say the Federal Governement do too much with Hurricane Katrina?

Er, that's supposed to say "with" and "did." Please excuse me bad grammer and spilling.

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