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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In the Hall: Online Edition

Posted by on March 29 at 17:28 PM

This week’s In the Hall (note to Slog readers: This is about City Hall, so if you’re easily bored or have ADD, STOP READING NOW) is online only. This week’s is a special extra-long edition, because so much happened this week, and the Internet is infinite.

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I'd rather pick lint out of my bellybutton. BORING!

Ladies and gentlemen, the well-informed voters of our city.

Actually, Seth, I think BOWOWOW is Tim Ceis.

What did it get bumped for?

Sorry, Erica; some of us do read and understand your column. The mouthbreathers are temporarily in ascendancy, though.

Gawd this crap is getting tiresome. Every wonky detail this woman posts is like turning a banal screw into my temples. Let's have some pictures of Monkeys, please.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz -- indeed.

i love this expanded edition and appreciate the glimpse into the city council activities. especially when jan is cranky!

i sure hope we are spared from any sensational news stories this week, with the hope that slog will return to the lively and generally smart forum that it has been up until now.

i think that those of us stuck at desks doing mundane tasks and seeking a little relief via the slog will greatly appreciate a break from hippie haters, e-tards, and the other no-goodniks that have seemingly found a new spot to wax poetic.

Keep up the good work, Erica.

I really love it when Jan gets cranky with Peter Pissy Pants. Oh it makes my heart warm indeed. That man is pretty snippy and has a HUGE little dog complex. I would really like to see the old school marm Drago put him over her knee for a good paddling!

I think some douchebags are just yanking your chain, ECB. If not for your insightful city coverage, I'd have little to write about.

Any male with normal hormones can tell Peter is not getting laid the four or five times a week he needs.

HE is the cranky and snippey one. Of couse when Drago replies back, she is that crappy old bag WOMAN.

Erica, this drivel is blow your journalistic skills.

This what the Weekly used to do years ago - all the insider poop from the well connected poopsters hanging our in the Halls of the Big Time Gossip Mill.

Drivel. And Biased too. Saw it on TV, word for word, Both Drago and Mc Iver said simply, a year is long enough. And there is no emergency, let this business proceed under the zoning in place. Not exactly radical end of the world - what to do - stuff.

But since Peter is the Land Use Expert - well, shut up old bag Drago.

She knows more about city hall than Peter will ever learn if he sits there ten more terms. Without Papa's name he would never had a political career. Oh, how dare we say that.

Erica is writing some fine stuff.
Some people may simply not understand it or find it interesting.
That's OK.
Like the world itself, The Stranger is a big place with room for all tastes. Sorta.

Oh, I got this week's issue and now I see: the issue's mainly devoted to the shootings, so from after the letters to the arts section it's all shooting articles.

OK, then. Fair enough.

Erica, your detailed reporting is a public service and I always enjoy it. No one else in the city covers City Hall with as much detail and depth as you do.

It's as if there are TWO Strangers--The Stranger which publishes the interesting political analyses that you and Josh Feit write week after week--and then all the rest of The Stranger which is mostly pretty immature.

So thanks for being an adult in a roomful of brats!

Gail Chiarello

Gail Chiarello says it much better than I did.

So why don't you guys produce an entirely separate section online titled something like "For Old Mature Boring Folks Only" or "No Cool Kids" allowed.


You are an invaluable resource - Your reporting is much appreciated.... Can I buy you a drink or three?


There. Are. No. Editors. In. Cyberspace.

I wondered what happened to it.

So, does that mean we city taxpayers are going to lose all our sidewalks once the Billionaire's Streetcar for SLU goes over budget? Or will we get to pay another tax to cover the streetcar we never got to vote for/against?

Hey, so I heard a rumor there was discussion on IRV voting for the Elevated Rebuild, Transit Plus Surface, and Underwater Tunnel options for the Viaduct - is this true?

Sure, DMC 240/400, as long as we can talk about the relative merits of a tiered vs. flat housing bonus and whether 400 feet is too tall for the Denny Triangle!

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