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Saturday, March 25, 2006

“I can’t think right now. I can’t feel my arms.”

Posted by on March 25 at 13:00 PM

The police press conference has been moved up to 4:30. In the meantime, Thomas has talked to some people in the neighborhood who were awake during the shooting:

“I heard two gunshots,” said Charles Jackson, who lives at the corner of 21st and Republican. “Boom, boom. I put clothes on and ran outside. We saw some guy lying on the sidewalk. Then we saw one person run to the neighbors across the street. He’d been shot in his arm. He said, ‘Let me in I’ve been shot!’”

Jackson said the block was eerily silent as all of this was going on—very little screaming, only the sound of gunshots and the urgent pleas of people who had run out of the house party seeking safety.

Cesar Clemente, another resident of the neighborhood, also came outside at the sound of gunshots and saw people hiding behind bushes at the corner of 21st and Republican. He wanted to let them hide in his house, and told them: “Hurry up, come over here.”

One of the people, a young man in his early 20s, made it to Clemente’s house. This young man, according to Clemente, had been shot in the arm and in the side.

He told Clemente: “I can’t think right now. I can’t feel my arms.”

Another of the people hiding behind the bushes tried to make it to Clemente’s house, but collapsed before he got there. Clemente believes he died.