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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Huff’s words

Posted by on March 28 at 10:54 AM

Yesterday, we posted the article, Saturday Mourning, which tells the story of the Capitol Hill shootings from the perspective of people who lived through it. Today we will be adding to that story, and making a few changes to the existing text based on new information.

Readers might notice a few slight differences between our account and those in other media. For instance, it’s been reported elsewhere that while Kyle Huff was firing his gun he said, “There’s plenty for everyone.” That comes from the Seattle Police Department, which has interviewed all of the survivors. But we decided to stick with the firsthand account related to us in our own Sunday night interview, where survivors said Huff’s words were, “I have enough caps for all you fools.” Both statements mean essentially the same thing.

We sent an email to notify our interview subjects to the story’s posting and invited them to write back if in our rush we made any errors. This has led to a few minor changes. Example: The group had permits and licensed bartenders at the party that police raided the previous weekend, which is a detail important to the group.

There will be differing versions of the story, if only because those who were there may remember it differently. It was by all accounts a scene of complete chaos, and it’s very difficult to sort out all that happened in those few minutes when the shooting took place. Our story simply reflects our best effort to do so.

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One more comment on the article, my last name is Soler. ;)

Thank you for taking care of my friends when reporting on the incident. We appreciate all The Stranger has written on this tragedy.

Yvette - We made the change. Very sorry about that. We've been rushing around ever since Saturday morning. Mea culpa, and all that. Thanks to you and your friends for speaking to us.

Why was the previous party busted anyway?

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