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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Horrible City

Posted by on March 22 at 11:40 AM

This picture of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, was taken by my cousin, Shingi, late last year.


Though it looks pretty and peaceful, the city is actually dirt poor and on the verge of collapsing. The beauty we see in the picture is much like the beauty of a cheap whore: remove the makeup and the horrific truth is revealed. (Baudelaire is very much in my blood this morning.)

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I preferred the picture you had up before.

I liked the first picture you had up very briefly for this, showing a woman reclining on a grass lawn. A little cognitive dissonance in the morning is much more effective than coffee. Now, back to work.

"The beauty we see in the picture is much like the beauty of a cheap whore: remove the makeup and the horrific truth of... [_______] is revealed."

kind of not ok.

Maybe I am crazy but I didn't think the first picture was a mistake.

Poor Charles was mortified when he realized he posted the photo of a friend there by mistake. We had good laugh at his expense as he rushed to pull it down...

What stupid load of crap.

News THIS VERY am - 40 percent of this nation is infected by AIDS. Think for just an instance of that consequence.

A horror beyond imagination lurking and happening to this country.

God or Godess, help avert all the agony - the monster pandemic some of have feared for over a decade is consuming Africa. Asia next.

Oh, the photo and talk of whores -- shit. How witless and shallow.

Far more interesting story of the UW medical prof - dead in Africa where he was trying to teach about AIDS to heal care providers. Write that one, Sir.

I guess no one here shares Charles' love for Baudelaire....sad really, "Les Fleurs du Mal" is a beautiful book of poetry and I think his descriptions of urban-late 19th century Paris are fair metaphors for the "underworld" seen in any large metropolis today.

Oh, right, the naughty flowers. Love Beaudelaire.

However, like Jesus, I think cheap whores are pretty cool, too.

U Smith: AIDS is indeed ravaging Zimbabwe, which has the highest infection rate in the world, partly because the president refuses to do anything about it beyond yelling about "fags" and having them murdered (even if the only "homosexual" act they've ever performed is opposing him). The #1 threat to Zimbabwe is sitting in the President's chair. Check out "Operation Murambatsvina". The streets are lined with mutilated corpses.

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